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Last Updated: Sep 29, 2010, 08:07:39 am
First Created: Sep 26, 2010, 05:07:31 am
File version: Open Beta 1F
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 3,793 (4,822) Size: 3.88 MB
Views: 13,657 (15,593) Type: RAR
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Rating (1 votes): 4.5 / 5.0
Hosters: ensure that Team 1 = White, Team 2 = Blue!

Installation instructions:

1. Download the PW_WAR_1F.rar file

2. Extract the file contents into Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\PW_WAR_1F

3. Play!

E.g. (Note: example screenshot uses older version, your folder won't be called PW_WAR_1C)

Change list:

Version 1F

1. Sumpter horse HP reduced from 100 to 90.
2. Iron and Timber throw speed returned to 80
3. Iron and Timber shoot speed returned to 10
4. Fortifications HP increased from 3000 to 4000
5. Serfs can use food to heal teammates and horses. Purchase food at spawn, throw at teammate.
6. 2 New Warhorses added for each faction (credit to Wanderer for the Warhorse textures!)
7. Stockpiles added. If you hold a weapon and 'use' the stockpile, it will be added to the stockpile. If you do not hold a weapon, you will withdraw a weapon from the stockpile
8. Serfs are granted higher strength so they can carry all the weapons they produce and stockpile them
9. Serfs proficiencies in 1H and 2H are reduced to 20. Polearm proficiency remains at 90
10. You can now sell all three types of timber and iron.
11. You can stockpile timber and iron
12. You can stockpile coins in treasury chests.
13. Money gained from flag capturing reduced by an order of magnitude.
14. Spear nerfed again: speed reduced to 95 (from 97), damage reduced to thrust: 22 (from 24) swing: 16 (from 19)
15. Short spear nerfed again: speed reduced to 95 (from 97), damage reduced to thrust: 21 (from 23) swing: 16 (from... something)
16. Fighting pick damage increased to 23
17. Hunting bow damage reduced to 14 (from 15).
18. Iron mines are now more heavily fortified
19. Chokepoints resulting from constructed fortifications have been bolstered with more spikes
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 PWMOD: WAR [OPEN BETA] (v Open Beta 1)  » posted by wanna on Sep 26, 2010, 05:21:01 am
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
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 PWMOD: WAR [OPEN BETA] (v Open Beta 1B)  » posted by GABRILDURO on Sep 27, 2010, 01:59:18 am
Great work guys!!! I really mean GREAT (hard work, big map and big potential!!!!)
But please......make the option for BOTS. Same problem with 1866....great mods but I can' t enjoy them because of my internet connection problems.
I can instead play LAN with my kids and it is so much fun with BOTS (even if in your map they would act weird!!!).

Are you Australian? Why don't you proudly make a mod with Natives, British and pioneers? would be UNIQUE and instrctive.....we europeans know nothing of your history and M&B is great to learn. (...something like Thomas Selleck "Quigley" movie!!! using 1866 and Blue&Gray textures for weapons and british uniforms).
BUT PLEASE AGAIN....think also about single players and/or LAN players.

Saluti dall'Italia, E BRAVI!!!

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