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Last Updated: Dec 25, 2010, 03:28:07 pm
First Created: Aug 12, 2010, 08:05:31 pm
File version: .961
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 4,300 (9,032) Size: 18.53 MB
Views: 16,996 (29,244) Type: RAR
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Rating (8 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
This is Waihti's Diplomacy mod v3.3.2 merged with my lots of companions v.961.

Install Instructions:
Extract inside the modules folder

start M&B:W

select Diplomacy - Companions from the drop down list

Version 0.961
- added 5 strong warrior archers
- added 4 tournament champion companions, you'll also see them in tournaments, wether they are in your party or not.
- added 7 blank-slate, character creation choice characters, they have the same potential you do.
- added the missing sword sister strong warrior companion.
- added deborah
- added to the introductions that were not unique for the mid-grade lords.
- gave the mid grade lords/knightly order lords unique faces, so they arent quite so cookie cutter.
- added the ability to buy ships at port towns, could be useful for trading from like say shariz to sargoth/rivacheg, might be faster/safer, boats move at a speed of 15. although there isnt much to do with a boat currently, i have some ideas to use those tiny islands along the coast.
- But with mercantile shiping comes pirates, so the seas arent completely safe, they vary in size, but you can also try to be a pirate hunter, as the pirates have various goods that you can take back from them, they are the largest bandit faction, kinda meant for endgame bandit hunting.
- Added two higher tiers to each bandit (forest,mountain,ect.), better equiped and skilled, but you wont encounter lots of them. easier for the player to find better gear off bandits now... sea raiders still strongest bandit faction.
- player troop tree now recruited from villages the player faction owns, currently not optional, gonna try to make it optional. credits topper.
- added/changed some items, new throwing short swords and throwing hammers, poleaxe and pole hammer work like hafter blades now (much better on horseback)

Version 0.9601
- export/import companions added.

Version 0.96
- Knight Order companions now refer to the player as "Grand Master (playername)"
- All lord grade characters given proper/varying reputation types. Most are goodnatured/upstanding/benefactor/custodians/martial.
- Some lords & ladies finnaly have proper moralities, so they start to care if you do things they dislike.
- Agustina's backstory added.
- Can now recruit troops from tavernkeepers for money. Credits: Somebody & Ashmond
- Custom player faction only troops (only the player can recruit them currently), avaiable from tavern keepers.
- You can recruit troops of the knightlyorders/foreigners from the tavernkeeper

Version 0.954
- hotfix, nords now have proper upgrade trees, dont need to start a new game thankfully.

Version 0.953
- Merged knightly orders into main release.
- Custom titles back in

Version 0.952
- Compatiable with 1.131 native
- New companions now fall into proper groups when recruited, i.e. archers join the archer group, mounted companions join the cavalry group.

Version 0.951
- Added custom troop trees for miura and konrad/ulrich.
- Miura Anjin can recruit troops from a "foreign" country, but at a pretty slow rate, so he recruits some peasants from every faction to make up for his slow recruitment of the foreign troops, because otherwise it would take forever for him to have enough troops to actually venture out of a castle or town, because foreign troops are pretty strong and they already come fully upgraded.
- Added the 6 knightly orders of Calradia. And two representatives for each order, althought currently they are only clones of konrad and Ulrich.
- Konrad and Ulrich now belong to the Order of the Leopard knights.
- Added a cheat to that allows access to the new orders troops thru the tavernkeepers with cheatmenu enabled.(credits: Somebody)
- Custom titles were temporarily disabled, because they were causing peoples names to become whole paragraphs when made into lords *shrugs*

Version 0.95
- Miura Anjin has become a "midgrade lord," he has some leadership and tactics and such to be a "not complete shit" lord.
- Edgardo & Morana given backstory and dialog.
- 6 elites weapon proficiencies changed to match their influences (meaning melee guys dont have any archery skill and such)
- 13 more strong warriors
- 8 mid/midhigh grade lords, trying to test out custom lord titles, like howbunduk becomes "tribune bunduk"
- Companions lacking "proper" dialog, now have better generic dialog instead of just "a" or "signup" or "$$$"
- Added Camilla's backstory and changed her to better reflect her influences, now uses a bow&arrow instead of a pike&javelin and a wooden battle axe instead of a metal saranid one.
- Lowered Xin Jia's level to 30, as she is the most useless of the skill masters because her skill isnt passively active, only when you send her out to do stuff.
- Joan and Balbanes now have the title of "Marshall" when made lords.

Version 0.94
- Added Companion versions (copies) of each factions best unit/speciality (1 inf. 2 arch. 3 cav.)
- Added Samurai companion
- Fixed Einar's original faction
- Added 5 more skill masters
- Cordelia signup dialog finished
- Blanchefleur dialog finished
- Joan dialog finished

Version 0.93
- Added the other lady lords. Will be completed over time.
- Lords have rivalries in a fashion i call the "circle of hate." By drawing a big circle around thru the factions as they appear on the map, you can see the two factions each lord hates. Not all the proper dialog has been added though.
- Lords and ladies now like their respective counterparts, i.e. swadia guy likes swadia girl and vice versa.
- Lords and ladies given generic dialog for rivalries, RtR support and Intel. To be individualised at later times.
- Lords and ladies have towns to gather intel from.
- Cordelia backstory added.

Version 0.92
- Added original_factions for the 6 lords, based on their inspiration.
- Added Karn & Argan to test rivalries and learn about morality types.
- Added Ostanes, to experiment with "masters."

Version 0.91
- Changed Einar's cuir bouli to scale armor.
- Added Boadicea
- Added missing turn_against dialog.

Version 0.9
- Release
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 Lots of New Companions + Diplomacy (v .961)  » posted by crossfire74 on Feb 27, 2012, 11:25:11 am
Sorry if you have already said this :-( but is there anyway to change your troops name
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 Re: Lots of New Companions + Diplomacy (v .961)  » posted by Malikfaris on Feb 27, 2012, 03:35:23 pm
crossfire74 wrote:
Sorry if you have already said this :-( but is there anyway to change your troops name
I think you can in the troops.txt
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