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Last Updated: Aug 28, 2010, 05:56:44 pm
First Created: Jul 25, 2010, 09:06:54 pm
File version: 0.6
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 25,624 (26,407) Size: 53.67 MB
Views: 34,267 (35,810) Type: RAR
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Rating (4 votes): 3.8 / 5.0
So, this is the Finland At WW2 mod for Warband multiplayer. Read the Readme file! More information on the mod thread. Here:,114304.0.html.The servers name Is Finland_At_WW2. If you cant find it instantly, keep searching for awhile. So, join the server and have fun DELETE the old version before installing this. DOWNLOAD THE PATCH FOR V6! :

This version has:
Both factions
All the weapons for both factions
Ambient sounds
New maps

Second version:
Fixed bullet drop
Fixed not hearing other players gun sounds
Fixed shader problems with the caps

Changed some items back to the right faction
Changed the amount of grenades available to 1
Changed the accuracy of all guns
Changed the speeds of some weapons
Changed place holders for maps, village is now available

New weapon for Russia, Svt-40 rifle
Uniforms for both factions, 3 different kind for all troop classes
New helmet texture
New grenade texture by Ulubatli
Sound effect for grenade(Not working, atleast for me )

3rd Version
New class "Support class"
2 new grenades for Russia
Spades for both factions
Winter uniform for Finland and a new hat. This uniform is still wip though.
New map by Antifiriz
New texture for Finnish Ukkopekka sniper rifle
Added some bumpmaps and normal maps for some weapons/uniforms.

Removed smoke from guns
Fixed the huge lag caused by even one grenade
Some other tweaks for guns

Fourth Version
You can hear the bots gun sounds now
Crouching is added, although needs doing still.
Medic/ammo packs should work properly now.
Fixed the Finnish village map now. Shouldn't crash anymore
Updated to the newest version, .1125, which hopefully fixes many of the errors happening to many players.
Some other little stuff.

Fifth Version
Added new faction, Germany
Guns are now held properly
New weapons from German faction and uniforms
Ai works properly. No instant team killing nor shooting into the skies.
New map called D-Day by Antifiriz
Some other little stuff.

Known bugs for fifth version
-Gun sounds may/may not work properly
-Crouching doesn't work. :/

Sixth Version
Fixed gun sounds for German ai troops and human players. You can now hear the gun sounds again.
Crouching works again.
Sniper class is fixed.
New winter uniform for German faction.
New voice command menu for German faction. They go as follows:

Numpad 0 = Bullseye (Means great shot etc.)
Numpad 1 = Yes
Numpad 2 = No
Numpad 3 = Advance
Numpad 4 = Go faster!
Numpad 5 = Fire!
Numpad 6 = Cease Fire!
Numpad 7 = Covering Fire!
Numpad 8 = Retreat
Numpad 9 = Don't shoot. (Basically means that you surrender)

Play, have fun (hopefully D= ), give feedback and report bugs




One guy from youtube (Can't remember name) for the ambient sounds

Cdvader for his ammo/medic pack code

Yoshiboy/Hunt mod team for the ambient sounds code

Antifiriz for his maps, models and textures

Temuzu for his map

Kazzan for his map

Ulubatli for his map
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 Finland At WW2 Multiplayer mod port (v 0.6)  » posted by Morte on Dec 04, 2010, 06:01:21 pm
Hey !
is it to version 1.132?!
is it working to 1.1332?!
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