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 Mount&Blade Repository » Mod Source Files » Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Updated 07/19/10
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View this file on the M&B NexusFile Listing: Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Updated 07/19/10
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2010, 02:00:51 pm
First Created: Jun 14, 2010, 04:47:45 am
File version: 1.31
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 10,388 (12,865) Size: 15.25 MB
Views: 22,388 (28,547) Type: RAR
Home:  Taleworlds homepage
Rating (12 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
It's... Narf's Transitional Armour Pack! (14th century gear).



Updated 08/16/10:v1.3
-added ~14th century kettle hat
-added heraldic version of surcoat over coat of plates, tweaked mesh and rigging
-2 steel bucklers
-version of Churburg 13 harness with mail
-version of splinted greaves without spurs, for the infantry (meant to do that originally, but was too lazy)
-lod support for almost everything
-installation instructions on homepage, along with a module_system_1.127 with all relevant code
-(possibly) many errors to baffle the innocent and unsuspecting Warband modder

Updated 07/19/10:v1.2
-added in both a plain and brass-trimmed version of the Churburg #13 harness (changed quite a few things from the beta version)
-a plain and brass trimmed version of hourglass gauntlets
-a klappvisor pigface bascinet, with open and visorless variations
-altered textures of houndskull bascinet (now has the leather strip that attaches the aventail) and gambeson (it needed a shadow around the satchel)
-slightly altered rigging/mesh on corrazina model

-Corrazina, in 3 colour variations
-ca. 1350 surcoat over coat of plates, 3 colour variations
-full greaves
-splinted leather greaves with spurs
-2 types of 'Battle of Wisby' inspired gauntlets
-adorned mail gauntlets
-hounskull bascinet
-sugarloaf greathelm

No permission required, just give credit.
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack.rar (v 1.1)  » posted by Tyranth on Jun 15, 2010, 07:48:43 am
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack.rar (v 1.1)  » posted by Lyriath01 on Jun 15, 2010, 03:40:19 pm
Great models!!! Thanks for sharing it. :hammer:
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.1)  » posted by Zimke Zlovoljni on Jul 20, 2010, 11:56:45 am
I don't know you,but you make my life happier! ;-)
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.2)  » posted by Carnage on Jul 21, 2010, 08:50:38 pm
CoOL...... :shock: they look awesome......

i hope you can create a assassin creed 2 armor.... :lol:

great work......
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.2)  » posted by Codebreaker on Jul 22, 2010, 07:20:37 am
When I start the the game whit this i get a rgl error get object failed for texture: copy.What am I doing wrong?
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 Re: Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.2)  » posted by adyvag on Jul 22, 2010, 03:41:52 pm
Codebreaker wrote:
When I start the the game whit this i get a rgl error get object failed for texture: copy.What am I doing wrong?

the same problem on me
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.2)  » posted by Narf of Picklestink on Jul 22, 2010, 04:38:04 pm
Checked the .brf... I've got an extra entry in the materials called 'pigface_klappvisor' at the very bottom (which references textures called 'copy'). Delete that, and it should fix the problem. Note that there's another material of the same name at the top, you want to keep that one. Sorry 'bout that.

edit: Updated the file with this corrected.
comment last edited by Narf of Picklestink on Jul 23, 2010, 05:34:41 am
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 Narf's_Transitional_Armour_Pack Upd (v 1.21)  » posted by Klatten on Aug 02, 2010, 05:09:36 pm
Hey Guys !
hop you can help me with this one...
when iam opening the game my shield is invisible and when iam going into the shop there is comming alot of "script errors" with some red writing.... :-(

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