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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2011, 01:35:32 am
First Created: Jun 04, 2010, 09:07:11 am
File version: D & C Beta V2
For M&B version: Warband 1.134
Downloads: 14,919 (19,911) Size: 575.18 MB
Views: 51,682 (62,893) Type: RAR
Home:  Diplomacy & Conquest
Rating (3 votes): 3.7 / 5.0
Diplomacy & Conquest beta - Warband

(Single Player) For warband V.1.134

Working on My first warband Mod: a Work in Progress

It is a Native Plus Mod

Uses Diplomacy Mod, added Troops from 81 New Units New Armor, added some other weapons and armor horses, tweaked the Weapons and items, troops made them slightly harder. Added Imperial Bow and Amazon Bow some weapons included Dachi, special weapon to Inventory, added more shields and horses ...changed look of some troops, upgraded troops stats....played around with programming code messed it all up...started again...well ya gotta try

Rule Calradia and Enjoy

Image shots







Mod Diplomacy

from Waihti


81 New Units

from tobmic


Arena Overhaul mod released for Warband SP

from Adorno


More Metal Sound Mod V2.1

From Checkmaty


The chocolate box Warband Variety mod

From Beezarandy


Better Banners Mod

from MarkQuinn

Thanks also to YellowMosquito


Minimod: Companion Export & Banner Edit

from Knil
This is located in Backup folder in Module directory to use see above link to Knil's page

Thanks to all for permission to use mods in creating my MOD !!

Early Beta Download !! Download check it out and post back any problems please!!

Changes Made in V2

Implemented Diplomacy 3.3.2

Changed ths Stats on Weapons & Armor

Changed Uniform, Armor, horses and weapons on black Widow & Sword Sister

Gave Lord AI bigger Armies (I Hope, feedback on this apreciated)

Tweaked Faction Armies

Sorted out some errors (I hope) fingers crossed

Scaled back some of the weapons and armor

Not sure if Save game compatible, (I started new game, deleting old saves)

If having problems with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (x64) Right on on compatability mode and tick Run this program as an administrator..... (optional) and used compatibility mod for xp sp3.

Thanks to

all suggestions and bugs will be ironed out as soon as i can

Diplomacy & Conquest beta -Warband V2 Update for M&B Warband Version 1.134 Only

Updates: Added Diplomacy 3.3.2

Just working out some other problems

Tried adding the
Graphical Pack (Flora Enchancement + New Textures)
Texture Fiddling

But they caused too many running errors in testing so I removed, not great with version 1.134 warband

Will try in next update also will add Custom commander and Open source Project

DownLoad New version still early updating Download This is for Warband Version 1.134 only (early test release)

Direct Download
Download Diplomacy & Conquest beta V 2

Download from MOD DB

Download from MOD DB
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Comments (Page 2 of 2)
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 Diplomacy & Conquest beta - War (v D & C Beta V2)  » posted by Kairyu on Jan 29, 2011, 06:04:45 am
Hey, cool mod and all, but I have one problem. When I go to extract it I get and error message.

It says: There is a CRC error on file: C:\Users\ak\Documents\Mount and blade warband mos\Diplomacy_Conquest beta V2\Diplomacy_Conquest beta V2\Music\fight_as_swadian.mp3
Volume: Diplomacy_Conquest beta V2.rar


So, I continue and it completes the extraction, but I am curious. Does this affect anything? Will it stop any gameplay? Or cause crashes? Just wanted to clear it up before I played so I didn't experience any crashes. Right now Im waiting for a new download of it to get done to see if all the files were properly downloaded. Ill see if it has the same error. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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 Diplomacy & Conquest beta - War (v D & C Beta V2)  » posted by Pjotrovic on Jan 29, 2011, 07:10:27 am
Its just a sound file so probably wont crash, but somewhere along the line you might get a message on the left that it cant find a certain file...
comment last edited by Pjotrovic on Jan 29, 2011, 07:10:41 am
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 Re: Diplomacy & Conquest beta - War (v D & C Beta V2)  » posted by Kairyu on Jan 29, 2011, 07:58:58 am
Pjotrovic wrote:
Its just a sound file so probably wont crash, but somewhere along the line you might get a message on the left that it cant find a certain file...

Ah, alright. Cool. Just curious. I have known some mods with sound files that have caused crashing, so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
IP: logged
 Diplomacy & Conquest beta - War (v D & C Beta V2)  » posted by primej on Nov 23, 2011, 06:49:36 am
how do i get the kingdom to recognize me as monarch?, because i once had 99 RTU, and the kingdoms still wouldn't recognize me as a monarch.
I also like the imperial bow, but in the screenshot you have about 1k arrows, the most i can get is 90, why is this so?
and i dont know where the amazon bow, is so i may need help finding these items.
comment last edited by primej on Nov 23, 2011, 08:34:26 am
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 Diplomacy & Conquest beta - War (v D & C Beta V2)  » posted by Mormon52 on Dec 05, 2011, 12:34:21 am
Hey man great mod i suggest adding Battle Time for multi-player. it would make it even more enjoyable. :-) :-) just a strong suggestion :-) :-)
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