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Last Updated: Jun 17, 2010, 08:37:17 am
First Created: Jun 03, 2010, 10:26:07 am
File version: 1.7
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 9,298 (9,842) Size: 18.01 MB
Views: 12,724 (14,017) Type: RAR
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Rating (3 votes): 3.0 / 5.0
A complete makeover of the native troop trees for Mount & Blade: Warband adding alot of new units based on medieval european and middle-eastern cultures.

Swadians are based on the English and French kingdoms. Heavy infantry, longbowmen and Knights.
Vaegirs are based on the Russians (kiev and novgorod city-states). Heavy axe-wielding infantry, Viking infantry and Heavy Archers.
Nords are based on the Scandinavian kingdoms (sweden, norway and denmark). Focusing either on traditional viking-era units like huscarls and viking raiders or on more modern medieval units like pikemen and knights (the choice is yours).
Sarranids are based on the Ottoman and Egyptian empires. Very varied and balanced unit-roster including heavy cavalry, mounted archers and mixed infantry.
Khergits are based on the mongols and other eastern kingdoms. Focusing heavily on mounted units with the best archers of all factions.
Rhodoks are based on the Byzantine (East Roman) empire. Complete remake of the Rhodok faction with a very varied and balanced unit-roster able to stand toe-to-toe against most other factions.
Mercenaries: Fleshed out with many new units making the Mercenary choice a more interesting one. Very mixed equipment now, not only western european stuff.

A complete list of units and unit-trees (with images) will be made available on the M&B Forums thread soon.

EDIT: thanx to Tobmic for letting me use his troos.txt file from 81units mod as a template (thus letting me skip the part of adding new units to the troops.txt list wich is a bother)

1.1 Bugfix to ensure Swadian Knights have weapons (not sure it was fixed)
1.2 Bugfix to ensure mercenary archers and longbowmen are armed with ranged weapons (fixed)
1.3 Bugfix to get rid of some mistakes that marked some infantry as cavalry and vice versa. )fixed)
1.4 Bugfix to rectify an error in the sarranid trooptree (fixed)
1.5 Quick bugfix in troops.txt (mainly spelling errors)
1.6 added new armours
1.7 implemented new animations

1.7 will be the final version.
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