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Last Updated: May 21, 2010, 04:13:27 am
First Created: May 12, 2010, 05:28:43 pm
File version: 0.55 beta
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 1,072 (1,359) Size: 47.17 MB
Views: 4,254 (5,259) Type: ZIP
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Created by Airith, [Airith_ATS]
Created for Among The Shadows [ATS], Wednesday and Sunday events at 6pm pst.

Airethian Mod:

New factions: Airethians [beta]; Samurai [alpha]; Line Gunners, troops, troop edits, items, item edits, maps, scripts, etc.

<<< Currently in Beta >>>

ship_a, ship_b, ship_c, ship_d, now work as belfries! Go try 'em out.
Integrating sea battles into a new mode "Sea Battles" with semi-controllable ships.
New faction, Line Gunners, here now you can go do your line battles with guns.
Spear bracing, any polearm actually. Press 'b' to brace.
Horse whistle, call your mount towards you if you get seperated, press 'm'.
Press 'c' for a victory cheer, and 'v' to taunt your enemies.

Next version:
Bayonets, apparently quite important to a lot of you.
Throwing spears, and more importantly, throwing swords!

Specifically the following members contributed maps:
Baja - Baja's Castle, Baja's Rush
Airith - Siege Test Map, Formations

Non-ATS members contributions:
ChewieMuse - Chewie A, Chewie B

Some maps created are from the following mods and their creators:
OPEN_FIELDS - Guttorm -
AtlasNovus - Harmast -
TheBattleForCalradia - Arch3r -,100090.0.html

All credit for the above maps go to their creators.

textures and .brf files borrowed from:
Arch3r/TheBattleForCalradia, thanks for making that mod open source!


James (jam),Luigi (lui),RR_Raptor65 (rrr),The Pope (pop); Open Source Project - Weapons by Bismark -,48238.0.html

Sound files borrowed from:
Native Expansion -,49800.0.html

Warband Modding: Server and Client Events
posted by Yoshiboy was a great tutorial on adding sounds to multiplayer.

Spear Bracing Kit -,61051.0.html
Created by The Mercenary, and the development team of Native Expansion!
Press 'b' to brace your spear, press 'm' to call your horse!
Thanks to Wibbles for the help porting it to Warband!

Sea battles, originally coded for sp by Miraethei -,52793.15.html
Converted to mp by Airith
Thanks to Arch3r, Wibbles, Ark on helping me sort out the bugs!

Arch3r OS: Bridge Battles -,68264.0.html

Logo -

~ Come join us modders at the IRC mod channel, #mount&blade-modding on quakenet. ~

Download the .zip file, unzip into the warband Modules folder, enjoy.
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