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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2012, 05:48:11 am
First Created: May 08, 2010, 04:00:17 pm
File version: 4.3
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 268,017 (446,668) Size: 3.09 MB
Views: 487,347 (769,997) Type: EXE
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Rating (32 votes): 4.7 / 5.0
Diplomacy 4.3 for Warband 1.153

1. Features
2. Installation guide
3. Guide to use diplomacy in your own mods
4. Credits

1. Features

As vassal
  • Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
  • Appoint a chamberlain, who will decrease tax inefficiency by 10% and give you the ability to set tax rates. This gives you a possiblity to influence center relation and prosperity. In addition he will take care of paying wages and collecting income as well as giving you the ability to secure your money
  • Let your companions pick items from the chamberlain item pool (autoloot)
  • Appoint a constable who recruits and trains troops and provides information about garrisons and troops of lords.
  • Send patrols to important locations
  • Appoint a chancellor who sends gifts to lords, settlements or ladies and messengers to lords
  • Village and town riots may occure if the people hate you and have to pay high tax rates. Counter them or negotiate with the leader.
  • Let your spouse buy some food (I know, it has nothing to do with diplomacy but it's fun :green:)
  • Pay staff salary (you knew that a woman will cost money before you married her :P)
  • Troops will start running away if you go into debts
  • Return fiefs to your king, he won't like this, though
  • Move your residence (via spouse)
  • Negotiate Mid-siege surrender/walk-out terms if defending your own keeps and towns
  • Affiliate to families
  • Send scouts to settlements
  • Pay to avoid defeat

As king
  • Threaten other kingdoms with war and try to squeeze money out of them
  • If a faction sues for peace you will have the option to set terms
  • Possiblity to send a gift to another faction (fief or money)
  • Send a spy to another kingdom
  • Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction.
  • Change the domnestic policy of your kingdom. Choose between Centralization/Decentralization, Aristocracy/Plutocracy, Serfdom/Free subjects, Quality/Quantity which affects trade income, vassals armies size, AI army strength, relation between king and vassals as well as tax inefficiency
  • When asking for a truce you will get the option to pay and/or give fiefs to conclude a truce.
  • If another faction recognizes you as king you will have the option to ask for help against your enemy and in certain circumstances support the decision by paying money.
  • Choose your faction culture so all your lords will recruit the same type of troops
  • Exchange or relase your (own) prisoners
  • Distribute spoils of war after you conquered a town or castle
  • Send emissaries to persuade lords to join your kingdom

  • Mod works with native save games.
  • Battle continuation and free death cam
  • Amount of recruits available in villages will depend on honour, renown, being owner, being king, domnestic policies (since 3.0)
  • Horses will become slower if they are wounded
  • new visual presentation of faction relations

Version history, screenshots, known bugs and more info:,176.0.html

2. Installation guide
  1. If an update to a new Mount&Blade version is included delete the Diplomacy folder under 'Mount & Blade Warband/modules'
  2. Download the installer (Diplomacy_v4.x.exe)
  3. Run the installer
  4. After starting Mount&BladeWarband select the module "Diplomacy" and enjoy.

3. Guide to use Diplomacy in your own mods

Please visit Guild of craftsmen

4. Credits

* Waihti - scripting
* zParsifal - scripting
* hessuu - recruiter kit
* fisheye - autoloot
* rubik - autoloot improvements
* Mjöllnir - german translation
* Akmar Nibelung - french translation
* Malakay - spanish translation
* ultracemre - turkish translation
* Dravic - polish translation
* Mixailos - russian translation
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Comments (Page 4 of 6)
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 Diplomacy v2.7.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.7.1)  » posted by Armadon_Borgia on Jul 27, 2010, 03:41:02 am
This is great mod.
comment last edited by Armadon_Borgia on Jul 27, 2010, 03:43:24 am
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 Diplomacy v2.7.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.7.1)  » posted by Blackrain69 on Aug 05, 2010, 02:07:56 am
Thanks for your excellent work.

A nice and easy mod to intergrate into any mod. Well done im using it in my mod :hammer:
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8 (for 1.127) (v 2.8)  » posted by Zilla52 on Aug 08, 2010, 04:44:20 pm
ok this is a good mod and all, but slow down on the updating, everyday or so there is new version w/no new features or so few/small they aren't noticed. At least since 2.6 anyway. Take is a bit slower give ppl time to give u ideas/or look at other good mods and use features from them but improve upon them. I took a few features from some M& B Mods and put them into m,y own mods, but i would add to them, taking out bad features and adding new ones or improving any that i saw would be good for a fast updating mod. I started with maybe 100 diff features (Misc.,Large scale, small scale, etc.) to allow ppl to take note of all the changes i;/others had made to the plain old vanilla version of 1.1011 (Original M&B) And then at the end of the list i asked for suggestions, and told them i would look at them and then take some time to improve upon any sugg. i saw awsome. so just slow it down maybe update once a week or even twice, but give urself time to read through all the suggestions you get/have. Look over them and read carefully. improve on any you may like and disscard those you don't think would fit into your mod. I personally avoided any sugg. on insane stuff that wasnt possible until Warband due to lack in skeletons/models. Improvise on some things not in the game. i tried to make a camel model for my mod, but it didnt work so i told them that it wasnt possible due to lack in skeletons, the camel would look like a spider when walking...legs always flying around.

Other then that i have no issues with this mod and i hope you take this advice, great work, keep it up, and i hope that other ppl can get something outta this mod.
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8 (for 1.127) (v 2.8)  » posted by Rhodok on Aug 13, 2010, 01:51:32 pm
i got an error saying:

Hash vector failed at index-1
:-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8 (for 1.127) (v 2.8)  » posted by Timohept on Aug 14, 2010, 04:32:38 am
I scrolled through all of the comments and noticed a few people asked for this to be made for the Original M&B 1.011. I would also like to know the answer to that. Of course it wouldn't have the same stuff, but some of the mods for the original m&b could really use this. I own both Warband and vanilla, but the quality of mods is still best on the original. I bought warband the day of its release, I didn't think it would be this long before any impressive "large" mods came out. Unfortunately I have to wait longer. In the meantime it would be amazing to be able to install some of these features into the origional M&B. I don't think I'm alone here >.>...or at least I hope not. :roll:

Thanks, and great work on the mod!
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.8.1)  » posted by VOIEVODUL on Aug 15, 2010, 06:29:22 pm
what bring new this version? :?:
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.8.1)  » posted by Khabal on Aug 17, 2010, 11:02:17 am
I got an error saying "Hash vector failed at index -1" when I disbanded a patrol... :cry:

Otherwise, a great mod !
IP: logged
 Re: Diplomacy v2.8.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.8.1)  » posted by Demon LTU on Aug 20, 2010, 11:50:10 am
what bring new this version? :?:
new errors :-|
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v2.8.1 (for 1.127) (v 2.8.1)  » posted by x4127 on Aug 26, 2010, 03:19:49 pm
how do u get a chamberlain?
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.0 (for 1.131) (v 3.0)  » posted by clifford_wolf on Aug 28, 2010, 11:05:30 am
How do you use your saved game from native with this mod? I can not figure it out. Thanks in advance. I'm also using steam :cry:
comment last edited by clifford_wolf on Aug 28, 2010, 11:13:27 am
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 Diplomacy v3.1 (for 1.131) (v 3.1)  » posted by dukeleto on Sep 04, 2010, 10:02:59 am

Where can I get the 2.8 version of Diplomacy ?
I am doing some modding so I'd like to have that version and not 3.1.


IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.1 (for 1.131) (v 3.1)  » posted by da12klo12d on Sep 13, 2010, 03:57:24 am
How would i upgrade my mount and blade to v1.131
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.1.1 (for 1.131) (v 3.1.1)  » posted by evanian2 on Sep 19, 2010, 06:33:12 pm
Hey just some suggestions that i think would give the player more options.
Like as ruler you should be able to choose your troops Armour/weapons they wear into battle and their skills.
As ruler you should also be able to change your kingdoms troops names.
As anyone you should be able to invest into a corporation or a business in cities.
As ruler choose what goods are traded to cities.(Continuously)
As land owner have a display list of the population in a town or city.
Population in town or city affects goods output and recruits.
comment last edited by evanian2 on Sep 19, 2010, 06:34:19 pm
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 Diplomacy v3.1.1 (for 1.131) (v 3.1.1)  » posted by ZEHER on Sep 21, 2010, 03:35:32 pm

sir i just start playing diplomacy

and b4 loading its giving errors

warning: hlsl_data_handles {9} is not valid


warning: hlsl_data_handles {45} is not valid

and after starting game

cloth of every person r flying
and its messing up the game

IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.1.1 (for 1.131) (v 3.1.1)  » posted by northman on Sep 26, 2010, 11:55:56 am
I have the same problem. They look like GIANTS with small legs.

IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted by Lolocks on Oct 19, 2010, 03:56:08 pm
Well. Hi all, new to here, but does anyone know of a Diplomacy mod for Native 1.127? If not, can someone please make this one compatible or one for it? I'm not sure if this is allowed or anything, but I would love to have this working with my version. Well... C'yall.
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted by WarezGam3r on Oct 24, 2010, 01:16:25 pm
Idk if its a bug or not, doubtful, but if you hit Ctrl + ~ then type in "cheatmenu" it allows a cheat menu in camp and talking options, etc...

Discovered it from Blood & Steel *latest version* Cheats are simple like increase renown honor and r2r if in camp menu, also find item menu thing idk try it out kinda cool...idk if its meant to be there i think its a warband Issue. I used the R2R cheat to get lords to join me easier, and the "Like Me" Cheat.

Im not a cheater, i just know things you dont XD
IP: logged
 Re: Diplomacy v2.2.6 (for 1.125) (v 2.2.6)  » posted by WarezGam3r on Oct 24, 2010, 01:21:10 pm
Dmitar wrote:
If you could do to take lords besides patrols, as generals,
i saw this in a mod for MB, but i do not know what it was called that mod.
sorry for my english.

I hired Rolf as my lord an he is recruting Vaegirs and i want that he recruit swadian soldier not vaegirs.
How can i do that he recruit swadians :?:
sorry for my english not from america im from Croatia

Another way is to speak with Chancellor and talk about Your Kingdoms Culture, i personally do the Swadians as Culture if im at war with any kingdom with weak/no calvary. but i use vegeir for any other kingdom except the Khergit Kahn bc they are pure Cavalry and they tend to kick infantry wass even though they wear light armor & use lightly armored horses, still to fast for heavy cav. to catch them in a fight.
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted by WarezGam3r on Oct 26, 2010, 09:39:48 pm
Hey can you add options that give you a small amount of power, like a few features as a Commoner, and what i mean by commoner, i mean when you choose the Noble Backround.

Like maybe:

Noble Backround:
Can send companions to other Lords/Kings asking for Land (Villages Only, max 2 per Kingdom)
Ask Companions for support to the throne (Not the go gather support, but if you were to become king, what might they look for in you as their King?)
Ask King of a Favorable kingdom (min relation-20) to help you attack their enemy. (If you were Free Lance that wanted to become king, you could ask a favorable kingdom to send a lord to help you. *only if it was that kingdoms enemy*)

Sorry if that last one is kinda of track or complicated, just few examples i made off top of my head.
IP: logged
 Diplomacy v3.2.1 (for 1.132) (v 3.2.1)  » posted by Djemo on Dec 06, 2010, 05:20:57 pm
Got this error, can anyone help? Haven't noticed anything wrong yet but its only a matter of time :(
SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1641: Invalid Party ID: 1646; LINE NO: 181; At script: party_set_ai_state.
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