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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2012, 05:48:11 am
First Created: May 08, 2010, 04:00:17 pm
File version: 4.3
For M&B version: Warband 1.143
Downloads: 265,412 (444,063) Size: 3.09 MB
Views: 479,045 (761,695) Type: EXE
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Rating (32 votes): 4.7 / 5.0
Diplomacy 4.3 for Warband 1.153

1. Features
2. Installation guide
3. Guide to use diplomacy in your own mods
4. Credits

1. Features

As vassal
  • Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
  • Appoint a chamberlain, who will decrease tax inefficiency by 10% and give you the ability to set tax rates. This gives you a possiblity to influence center relation and prosperity. In addition he will take care of paying wages and collecting income as well as giving you the ability to secure your money
  • Let your companions pick items from the chamberlain item pool (autoloot)
  • Appoint a constable who recruits and trains troops and provides information about garrisons and troops of lords.
  • Send patrols to important locations
  • Appoint a chancellor who sends gifts to lords, settlements or ladies and messengers to lords
  • Village and town riots may occure if the people hate you and have to pay high tax rates. Counter them or negotiate with the leader.
  • Let your spouse buy some food (I know, it has nothing to do with diplomacy but it's fun :green:)
  • Pay staff salary (you knew that a woman will cost money before you married her :P)
  • Troops will start running away if you go into debts
  • Return fiefs to your king, he won't like this, though
  • Move your residence (via spouse)
  • Negotiate Mid-siege surrender/walk-out terms if defending your own keeps and towns
  • Affiliate to families
  • Send scouts to settlements
  • Pay to avoid defeat

As king
  • Threaten other kingdoms with war and try to squeeze money out of them
  • If a faction sues for peace you will have the option to set terms
  • Possiblity to send a gift to another faction (fief or money)
  • Send a spy to another kingdom
  • Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction.
  • Change the domnestic policy of your kingdom. Choose between Centralization/Decentralization, Aristocracy/Plutocracy, Serfdom/Free subjects, Quality/Quantity which affects trade income, vassals armies size, AI army strength, relation between king and vassals as well as tax inefficiency
  • When asking for a truce you will get the option to pay and/or give fiefs to conclude a truce.
  • If another faction recognizes you as king you will have the option to ask for help against your enemy and in certain circumstances support the decision by paying money.
  • Choose your faction culture so all your lords will recruit the same type of troops
  • Exchange or relase your (own) prisoners
  • Distribute spoils of war after you conquered a town or castle
  • Send emissaries to persuade lords to join your kingdom

  • Mod works with native save games.
  • Battle continuation and free death cam
  • Amount of recruits available in villages will depend on honour, renown, being owner, being king, domnestic policies (since 3.0)
  • Horses will become slower if they are wounded
  • new visual presentation of faction relations

Version history, screenshots, known bugs and more info:,176.0.html

2. Installation guide
  1. If an update to a new Mount&Blade version is included delete the Diplomacy folder under 'Mount & Blade Warband/modules'
  2. Download the installer (Diplomacy_v4.x.exe)
  3. Run the installer
  4. After starting Mount&BladeWarband select the module "Diplomacy" and enjoy.

3. Guide to use Diplomacy in your own mods

Please visit Guild of craftsmen

4. Credits

* Waihti - scripting
* zParsifal - scripting
* hessuu - recruiter kit
* fisheye - autoloot
* rubik - autoloot improvements
* Mjöllnir - german translation
* Akmar Nibelung - french translation
* Malakay - spanish translation
* ultracemre - turkish translation
* Dravic - polish translation
* Mixailos - russian translation
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 Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) (v 4.3)  » posted by petio9803 on Oct 09, 2012, 01:55:40 pm
Im suggest a custom culture you can edit to you liking.
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 Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) (v 4.3)  » posted by Drake123 on Nov 02, 2012, 01:12:35 pm
Is this mod compatible with M&B Warband 1.154?
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 Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) (v 4.3)  » posted by 卡拉迪亚 on May 25, 2015, 04:25:06 am
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 Diplomacy v4.3 (for 1.153) (v 4.3)  » posted by nanna888 on Aug 18, 2020, 10:41:04 pm
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