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Last Updated: May 07, 2010, 10:35:42 am
First Created: Apr 07, 2010, 08:10:14 pm
File version: 0.9-beta
For M&B version: Warband 1.1xx
Downloads: 34,438 (50,362) Size: 121.28 MB
Views: 69,350 (100,086) Type: ZIP
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Rating (16 votes): 4.0 / 5.0
Litus is a module designed to enhance gameplay and features of the warband expansion of Mount & Blade. It includes improved siege scenes, new armour textures, new items, faction balancing and a lot more fun!

This module is tested SOLELY in Warband. I wouldn't recommend using it for a native installation.

Until the module kit comes out I will primarily be focusing on gameplay corrections and changes to help offset some of my personal opinions of shortcomings in the game. Things may change as new versions of warband come out.

Installation Instructions:

Simply unzip the file and copy the folder into your Modules/ directory of your warband installation. Then you select Litus as the module of choice in the title screen.

0.9 -
* This release will require a new savegame *

New features:
- Villages can now have Barracks built in them. Barracks will allow automated reinforcements to be sent to their attached town

New content:
- Khergits now are fully equipped with new unique armours
- Some Nords now have new armours

Bug Fixes/Balance Updates:
- Khergit horse archer troops now all have boots commissioned to them
- Gold Mail Barded Warhorse now has appropriate hitpoints.
- Swadian AI now can receive a wider array of reinforcements in their armies and cities
- Hired blades are no longer flagged to be considered cavalry

0.82 - May 5, 2010
* This release is compatible with 0.8+ savegames *

Bug Fixes/Balance Updates:
- Removes the morale system so troops now decide to fight/flee based on the native Warband Rout system

0.81 - May 4, 2010
* This release is compatible with 0.8+ savegames *

Bug Fixes/Balance Updates:
- Game will now automatically reinforce player towns/villages as well
- Sieges will now continue even if you get knocked out as long as you still have a standing army
- Companion dialog will no longer freeze up after recruiting troops for you

0.8 - May 3, 2010
* This release requires a new save game *

New Features:

- You should be able to join a battle on whatever side you wish regardless of current relationship with the parties - Castle/Town garrisons should now autoreplenish based on recruits available from surrounding villages (these recruits will appear on the map and can be stopped/killed if desired)
- Can now import/export companions from the camp menu
- You can now ask companions to buy recruits for you
- Player troops now start off a battle on "Hold Position" rather than charge
- Basic initial formation setup in camp menu
- Formations have been added to the game
- Basic morale script in game
- New launch menu graphic

New Content:
- Unique Sarranid equipment has been added
- New horses, horse textures and modifiers.
- New improved siege scene for Sargoth is in game. Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Bug Fixes/Balance Updates:
- Lord capture rates from battle has been fixed
- Lord escape rates from castles/towns has been fixed
- Companion interaction/complaints should be disabled again (testing)
- Tournament bets are now all fixed (confirmed)
- Getting knocked out in a village should still allow a victory if your army eliminates your opponents
- Tournaments now award 2,000g for winning (not including any bet winnings) and 50 renown
- Tournament wagers now show the proper amounts you're betting (ie it was saying bet 100 denars when you were in fact betting 1000 and some similar issues)
- All arrow/bolt modifiers should actually apply a bonus (or penalty) instead of just a nifty name
- Falchions now have some additional types that can drop
- Barbed arrows give a bonus against shields again
- Arrow damage has been slightly tweaked
- Bandit party minimum size has been slightly increased, maximum size and total # of parties has been decreased.
- Many spearmen have had their equipment reconfigured to ensure they are using spears
- Troops missing equipment have now been issued some
- Dialog for selling prisoners to tavernkeepers is disabled...looks like a bug with the 1.113 mod kit

Known Bugs:
- Siege knockouts will still result in a defeat.
- Slave traders pricing for prisoners seems broken, I'd suggest ONLY using ransom brokers for now
- Automated garrisoning may not be working for player controlled cities. Still investigating.
- There are some issues with requesting troop recruiting from companions. We are both cleaning up some menu things and implementing a limit to prevent them from being an unlimited recruiter for you.

0.72 - April 29, 2010
* This release will require a new save game *

Balance Updates:
- Tournament wager amounts have been restored to their proper values
- Cattle will follow you again
- Village Improvement build times have been restored to their proper values
- Engineer benefits to village improvements has been restored to it's proper value
- Schools now properly give +1 reputation each week
- Mills now only give +5% prosperity each week
- Text for Schools/Mills upgrades has been updated
- Spearmen should now properly be using spears
- Vaegir troops should now all have footwear
- Arrows and bolts now are provided in the proper quantity
- Troop wages should be fixed up to their proper values
- Max player party sizes are restored to their proper values
- Max AI party sizes are restored to their proper values

Full feature list can be found here
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Comments (Page 2 of 2)
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 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by LordBarell on May 23, 2010, 11:56:37 am
Script error.

IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by antrumon on May 25, 2010, 03:34:05 am
I'm sorry but sometimes i moved to a castle or town or village and it teleports me to the start of the game where we have to kill a bandit and the merchant of anywhere came and then so on but then i cannt press anything to continue it or escape please help me.appreciate it
comment last edited by antrumon on May 27, 2010, 03:09:28 am
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 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by coconuts on May 30, 2010, 01:51:05 am
normally people want to charge if they join a battle can you make it so that is starts on charge again please ?
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Redbull23Golf on Jun 04, 2010, 05:08:49 am
Thank you for your great work on this awesome Mod. I really like the fact that if I get KO'd in battle it doesn't automatically end in a defeat.

One request if possible could you integrate in Waihti's Diplomacy Mod, I think the expanded diplomatic options would make your mod even more interesting and enjoyable. especially in the late game when you rule your own faction.
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by munjoz on Jun 05, 2010, 01:33:14 am
Great Mod, no doubt. My best regards for your work.
Hope you'll fix the graphics problem. I am not sure is it a problem in your mod, but great axe can not be used as an axe, more like polearm, lance for instance.
I was also wondering why I have to push my army to charge, as coconuts says, and then I figure it out, it is better to put a formation first and then to charge. Otherwise, soldiers are charging as a bunch of dogs. Better ever then never
Once again all the best to your work. :pint:
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Knight Spirt on Jun 27, 2010, 07:29:00 am
awesome Mod I love it!!!! Just wondering though why such long troop tree names really hard to read them,but might be my eyes too :oops:
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Me on Jun 29, 2010, 03:44:29 am
So... how exactly do the formation orders work? When I'm issuing a formation order, there is only one group that would react, in fact always the first group, in my case infantry. Is it even possible to apply a formation to the other groups ?
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Toshiie Maeda on Jul 06, 2010, 03:26:00 am
Um i read ht edownload instructions but it doesnt show up in the mods i have when i run warband... i dont ven have a module folder but the oter mods work :-? :-? i seriously wanna play this mod sounds awesome... i put my other mods in a folder called mount and blade savedgames... and they work but this one has all the files serperately soo idk whhat to do :/
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Carnage on Jul 24, 2010, 06:06:47 pm
CoOL.......thanks for sharing this..... i love them
specially the new nord armor.....
but i hope you fix the bug prison.....

and can you please help me how to edit the color of the armor....thanks
IP: logged
 Litus Module - SinglePlayer Warband (v 0.9-beta)  » posted by Carnage on Jul 28, 2010, 03:28:16 am
hi bunny...
finally w/ this new version 1.127......
the break prison from the other castle has been fix... ;-)

but Ichimur castle still has a bug.....

can you pls. share how to change the color of the armor...
cause i want change the vallkyrie armor into black...thanks
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