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Last Updated: Jul 26, 2011, 05:32:57 pm
First Created: Feb 18, 2010, 03:41:53 pm
File version: 0.94 beta
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 1,520 (6,505) Size: 302.28 MB
Views: 11,483 (40,739) Type: ZIP
Rating (3 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
Border Princes are countries located on the south of the Empire and on the east of Tilea in the Warhammer world. It's a land of incessant wars between petty human princes, a land of opportunities for the mercenaries...
The mod is a total coversion of the famous Eagle and the Radiant Cross.

IMPORTANT: I recommand to erase your older version before to install this one, as some textures have been deleted and must disappear from the folder "texture" (too many texture will crash down the game). You need to begin a new game.
This version is undoubtly the last in this version, the next one will be ported to Warband.
But patch will of course be uploaded if errors are found...
Good games!

PS :If one of you is good in map factory, I will be happy if he could build a map of the warhammer Border Princes for this mod...

New version of the mod, for testers only, passworded (the same password).
Some (old) screenshots here:

- new start menu
- new troops for undeads, kurgans, norses and middenlander
- new armors
- new quests

- tournaments improved
- numerous new items, new heraldic armors
- numerous new troops, especially arabian
- the Bergama Emirate has now two lines of troops, the arabian and their slaves, the Avaghs
- recruitment from companions is improved
- mercenary captain characters have now troops depending of their culture
- kurgan chief campaign : you came play as a kurgan barbarian. You can force others chaos warband to join you in defying their chief. "Barbarians" prisonners can be added to your horde too. Other prisonners can be sacrificated to the gods if you have warlock (they give you XP to thank you.)

- new troops, especially new undeads units
- recruit troops from your companions (only if you are near the town they are born or where they have lived), from necromancers or captain.
- new magic items
- necromancy! play as vampyr (von Carstein or Necrarque) and use necromancy. Change your prisonners into zombies or skeletons, drink the blood of your ennemies for restore your health...
- new quests, new NPC (one of them is a necromancer...)
- lots of new dialogs
- lot of new graphism (warhorses, armors for Rus Pack of Narf)

- some bugs fixed
- new textures for vegetation
- new armors from Narf of Picklestink (save compatible)
- new armors from Archangel2K (save compatible)
- new armies composition balance (less cavalry)
- new troops to hire in cities (if you are of the same faction)

- some bug fixed
- magic items! warning to fireball and necromancy! thanks to Mirathei
- new outfits for arquebusiers and sharpshooters from the mod Mount and Blade: Ogniem i Mieczem
- new firearms meshes and textures from the mod Mount and Blade: Ogniem i Mieczem
- Undead army replace the mercenary army for Quick Battle
- New heraldic armors (included, milanese, gothic, transitional and corrazina from Narf, mail and plate from Archangel2K,), thanks to Rucchi for his source
- New musket reloading animation by Psiphoon
- New currency system (crowns and denarii) thanks to Highlander for his help
- New dialog and quests, thanks to Kolba. Most of the new quest need a minimal reknownm in order to be actived.
- Duel kit by Martin F, you can have friendly duel with your companion, and even with lord or king if you have a good reputation.
- Tavern recruitment by Geoffrey Ashe
- Prisoner chat by Mordachai
- Skeleton by Barf, and new undead units
- ton of other stuff!

- new LOD for half armour, allowing better video performances
- corrected textures for undead
- some troops corrections (melee weapons for teutogen jager...)
- no more javelin in tournament

- new Quick battle options, more factions (Kislevites, Imperials, Ulrican, Westerlanders, Bretonnians, Arabo-Avaghs, Tileans, Estalians, Kurgans, Mercenaries), more troops available, equipment fixed
- new updates for weapons, including new firearms data, a new weapon (cavalry arquebus, the only one enabling firing on horse)
- troops edited (change for tilean infantry and pikeman, dismounted imperial knight, new mercenaries (spearman, ungols cataphracts...)

- no more crash (I hope), this version is stable
- Shoes for Duc Jehan
- Hobilar have retrieved their horses!
- All NPC have horses
- Player Character is weaker
- some dialogs edited
- no more wood weapons during tournaments

- Horses textures modified
- Some tournaments bugs fixed (naked candidates, equipment...)
- Bronze armor textures have now the same saturation value
- Morrslieb added in the sky!
- Espadon caracteristics edited (no more used as couched lance)
- Shield of Sword Sister and Myrmidia Priest renamed
- Bernard Lutzen, Vice Queen and some others have now civilian clothes (sorry for those who wanted a slaaneshi party at Nibelheim!)
- New background colors for the heraldics armors with default banners.
- New helmet for Estalian (meshes and textures from Narf's armors pack)

- Quick battles troops and equipment fixed
- Expanded Arena from Janus and Septa Scarabea added
- Command Cursor Minimod from dstemmer ("A player can simply hold down the "G" button to bring up a placement arrow, look at a point on the battlefield, and release the button and their troops will move toward that location)
- You can split your party in order to form patrol
- New meshes and textures for morions, shoes and full and half plate armors from Narf of Picklestink
- new helmets from Dejawolf
- arena fight and tournaments modified
- reorganisation of factions
- Bretonnians have their own heraldry now
- New heraldry armor from Rucchi
- New chivalry orders : the Griffin Knights (Imperials) and the Raven Knights (neutral, crusading against undeads hordes)
- some cosmetic changes (banners, textures)

- undeads edited, parties of undead now, in addition to those involved in the miniquest
- mountains bandits are keltoi clans now
- standard bearer for Westerlanders
- troops and armies composition edited (more cavalry than in 0.52, Westerlander armies fixed)
- some textures edited
- manface bug fixed

- some troops edited (schwarzen cuirassiers have horses now!)
- conversation edited (no more bugs when you ask mounted crossbowmen about their origins)
- some textures edited (wasterlander blacks morions darker in order to fit better with their armors)
- some items edited
- undead! necromancer mini-quest... ask to the guild master
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 Re: Border Princes 2522 (v 0.94 beta)  » posted by von Krieglitz on Aug 16, 2011, 08:18:37 am
JackOfBlade24 wrote:
Are Their any FireArm weapons in this game?
Yes, pistols, arquebus, hochland rifle, 6 barreled arquebus, blunderbuss...
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