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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2010, 10:19:41 am
File version: v2.0
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 20,398 Size: 112.19 MB
Views: 56,734 Type: RAR
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Rating (10 votes): 4.0 / 5.0

1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0

1257 AD Middle Europe is a mod based on Central Europe in the high middle ages. It's a historical mod, trying to reflect the situation of Central Europe in 1257 as accurately as possible. It started out as a sub-mod for Frederic Anklin's '1257 Edition', but with the new development team, it's now released as a fully independent mod, with many new features.

Additional music collection (works with any mod) by Raudentius:

Faction List:

•Holy Roman Empire
•Kingdom of Bohemia
•Duchies of Poland
•Kingdom of Hungary
•Russian Principalities

Other features:

•completely new (and HUGE) map of Central Europe
•added a lot of settlements you can plunder/conquer/rule (HRE has 13 towns alone)
•troops, kings, lords, claimants, reflecting the 13th century
•a lot of new items (mostly faction-specific)
•all banners are changed


•Raudentius (creator, leader, researcher, troop editing)
•bossbob88 (textures, research)
•Martiin - unregistered (banners, artist)
•Lord Szentgyorgyi (map, coding, textures)


Frederic Anklin - our whole mod was build on top of his '1257 Edition'
Raz - helmets
Punkt - world map textures
maw - some shields
Rus XIII Century Team - russian lords' names are from the 'Rus XIII Century' mod

We apologise if we forgot anyone, please announce us if you see your/someone else's work included in the mod, and not listed in the credits.
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Comments (Page 2 of 2)
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 Re: 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. (v v2.0)  » posted by xyp on Mar 10, 2010, 09:29:57 am
Murabit wrote:
Well, maybe u have a point here but still the archers are the strongest unit, not even a hit from a knight makes that much damage (if not charged by lance..i guess).
So compared to the other units and all the other mods..i still think its exagerated :-|
By the way, when you place your archers in open battle behind your infrantry the archers shoot at least half the oppose army down before they even arrieve..guess thats why almost all the partys include a huge number of archers.
Nevertheless as i said, nice mod.
I don't play it often last days but I haven't had a battle where more than only few guys where killed before they arrive to the opponent's army. It's a pleasure for me to see that my archers are taking care of enemy forces before my cavalry gets them. It makes a sense for archers presence in the game. Nevertheless, maybe you got the right that they are LITTLE too strong. But only a little.
IP: logged
 1257AD Middle Europe v. 2.0. (v v2.0)  » posted by Murabit on Mar 10, 2010, 09:43:35 am
@xyp : Only a few? Battle Bohemians..they drop like flies untill they arrieve :hammer: .
Ok..we can agree on that, its a bit different tactic needed and they a little 2 strong.
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