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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2010, 06:43:53 pm
First Created: Jan 14, 2010, 09:47:41 pm
File version: 0.51 beta
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 21,210 (22,395) Size: 45.41 MB
Views: 19,803 (22,038) Type: RAR
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Rating (3 votes): 4.8 / 5.0
This is a relatively simple mod of Britain (and northern France) in the early 16th century. While this mod does not try to follow accurate historical events of the time, it was a rather imaginative time in military history and this mod makes the most of this to give entertaining game-play. Guns were common place and effective but had not yet begun to dominate the battlefield or replace armour and cavalry.

This is an early release to build interest in the mod and keep me modivated. Several features are still half finished and there may be a number of bugs. To add to your pain later updates will not be savegame compatiable and you'll need to rename either your old or new version to keep playing your save. If your still interested in playing then thanks.

Changelog (0.51 savegame compatibility not tested):
Fixed RGL error
Fixed potential error concerning tournaments at Wick.
Added more bandits and added 2 small kingdom patrols per kingdom.
Several other minor tweaks.
This is a non-essential update and I don't know if it will be savegame compatible. If you've already got a 0.50 character you like then I recommend waiting until later version. Just alt-tab and click ok whenever you get a RGL error, it will allow you to keep playing.

Map of Britain & Northern France.
5 Factions: England, Wales, Scotland, France and Ireland.
Balanced firearms.
Sea travel by Ruthven.
Tournaments by Pisces.
Formations (pikemen only) by Mirathei. (not yet fully implemented)
Numerous other minor tweaks.

To install: Extract the 1500s Britain folder into your modules folder of M&B. Source code is included, any of my work is free to use without asking for permission or giving credit. This does not apply to the other contributors who you usually do have to give credit for.
TEATRC & D’Sparil: Ideas and inspiration, especially for making me believe firearms are compatible with M&B.
Mirathei: Formations.
Britain 1257 & Britain at War: Ideas and inspiration.
Sea travel by Ruthven & contributors:
Mirathei, for writing the original ship codes
James for the longship model/texture
Ruthven, for explanation+main code manipulation and basic scenes
MartinF for the trigger that changes you into a ship
Jubal for writing the original sea battle guide
Dudro for extended scene editing
Lumos for bugfix
Open source contributors, namely Luigi, James, RR_Raptor65 & the Pope.
Whoever made the 4 barrelled rifle which I used as a beginning for making another mesh.
Medieval total war 2 (Sega) for an interpretation of history that could be worse and I suspect some of the OSP textures were from this (can someone clarify this?).
Anyone else who made some part of this mod and I forgot.
The only meshes/textures which are mine are the Scottish & french plate and quad pistol.

To do:
Finish implementing the new banners.
Finish troop and tournament balance and ideas.
Make full sets of faction armour and replace some of the currently used models.
Finish formation script.
Populate the world more thoroughly (as the map is bigger, it needs more happening).
Clean up the map.
Make image for mod selection.
Other stuff.

A well rounded faction with excellent archers, heavy and light infantry; and good cavalry. England has the most balanced troop tree but as a result also the longest.
Peasant->Militia->spearman->vet. Spearman->swordsman->Dis. knight
vet. Spearman->billman->Heavy Billman
spearman->cavalry->h. cavalry->knight
More European than Britain, France wields many crossbows and superior knights.
Peasant->Militia->voulgier->vet. voulgier->Dis. Noble
Militia->peasant crossbowman->crossbowman->Adventurier
->crossbowman->Mounted crossbowman
peasant crossbowman->Arquebusier
Having fought off invaders numerious time, Ireland has acquired two things. 1: The genes of fierce viking and Scottish raiders. 2: Gourilla tactics for fending of invaders. With impressive skills with a gun or horse, invaders should not attack Ireland lightly.
Peasant->Ceitherne->Cliathairi->Ostman->Ulster Swordsman
Cliathairi->Hobiguir->Ridire->Lord's Retinue
Ceitherne->Desi Javelinman->Raider->Caliverman
Desi Javelinman->Horseboy->Mounted Caliverman
Scotland has been at war with England for much of it's history and so developed the use of pikemen to counter England's cavalry and compensate for Scotland's own weaker knights. Fierce and dangerous highlanders wield two handed claymores make up the destructive power of the Scottish army.
Peasant->highland rabble->highlander->vet. highlander->Noble highlander
cavalry->noble swordsman
highland rabble->peasant archer->archer->noble archer
Peasant->pikeman->highland pikeman->noble pikeman
Historically they were anexed at this period, but I'd get some angry emails if I didn't include them. Featuring excellent archers and spearmen, but lacking in the cavalry and infantry department.
Peasant->militia->Gwent raider->meirionydd spearman->morgannwg spearman
meirionydd spearman->mathrafal Horseman->teulu
Gwent raider->rhyfelwyr->vet. rhyfelwyr

Historically at this time firearms were inaccurate, very heavy, took as much time as to reload as a light to medium crossbow and weren't partically lethal (roughly 3 hits on average to kill an unarmoured opponent or 6 for an armoured one). Their main advantage is they were reasonably fast, easy to use, not needing the training of a bow or strength of a crossbow; and in mass, able to take out a massed armoured formation.
In this mod however, they are very slow and very lethal. Just like real life, they are inaccurate, easy to use and heavy. They come in 3 types of pistols, the heavy arquebusier (unable to used on horseback) and the lighter caliver.
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 1500s Britain (v 0.5 beta)  » posted by takverely on Jan 23, 2010, 04:25:59 am
so I like your Idea... and I'm downloading it now?

just some questions... are there scotish tartans? and some other unique items? you have not told anything about it... is the map well ballanced?

comment last edited by takverely on Jan 23, 2010, 04:26:24 am
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 1500s Britain (v 0.5 beta)  » posted by Pisces on Jan 25, 2010, 06:10:06 pm
No Scottish Tartans this version but they are coming. As far as meshs/textures go it is fairly spartan and relys on a lot of OSP stuff that will be removed later once I get a hang of modelling/texturing or I get someone to do it for me. For unique items there is a 4 barrelled pistol atm.

Map is quite large, so the version that I'm about to upload includes faction patrols and extra bandits. Each faction starts off with their territory intact without any other factions having holdings there. ie no England in Ireland or France & Wales actually exists.
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 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Aias on Jan 26, 2010, 08:25:48 am
Mayby for the future kingdom management.

For now: your ideas are good, like the pistols, so many people will wait for a later version.
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 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by takverely on Jan 26, 2010, 10:21:46 am
very well... next version'll be more interesting... I like scotish tartans very much.. please include some armoured versions(as its in the mod "britain at war")... The Idea is reallygood... :pint:
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 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Rathos on Jan 26, 2010, 11:05:30 am
Hi, glad that I gave you inspiration, but can you shhow a screenie of the map? :-P
IP: logged
 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Melvarius on Dec 05, 2010, 10:54:41 pm
Very good and convenient mod, 5/5 but theres a strange black line going through the middle of the map, and you could maybe make the edges of the map look like in the native to it dosent look as creepy/weird
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 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Rakash on Feb 22, 2011, 12:30:15 pm
I've so far been unable to play the mod - it doesn't finish runnign the ini set up bit, gets near finishing and then stops with the error message that it can't open costume_a.brf. Having checked, it's because it isn't there - but I haven't deleted it. Is it possible to get a fix for this? I like the idea of the mod and would really like to play it.
IP: logged
 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Pisces on Feb 23, 2011, 11:54:36 am
Hmm...That's a common resource, it should be listed in the module.ini file as a "load_resource" not "load_mod_resource", and if you are missing it (under mount&blade/CommonRes) then you should be experiencing more problems than with just my mod. What version of mount and blade are you playing? I don't know why the warband expansion might mess with it, but I haven't tested it. That or an old version probably won't work.

I'm planning on updating this mod soon, I had stopped for a while because a) I was bored of mount and blade (happens every now and again) b) Warband was coming out and I have no intention of buying it or updating the mod for it. But seeing as people still apparently play, I will make an update.

As for the map, this is my first map, I don't know how to fix the edges of the map, although I will try to find out, because I don't like it either. I think I've already fixed the black line so should be ok in the next mod.
IP: logged
 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Rakash on Feb 23, 2011, 01:11:56 pm
Well, my game is happily loading up Native and Brytenwalda - just not your mod. I am playing warband, and so I guess that could be the issue in its' entirety, but I have the costume files b through to d, just not a. Oh well - something I'll just have to live without. Still, I like the idea behidn the mod - it's cool.
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 1500s Britain (v 0.51 beta)  » posted by Pisces on Mar 11, 2011, 11:08:57 am
I googled it and it is a warband problem. No one seemed to try adding the file to their commonres. It might not work as they might have changed the engine too dramatically or removed further files, but I'm the type of person who likes to experiment. I can email the file to you do if you like. Contact me at mad_catnz(at)ho.tmail(dot)com. Sorry for the funky formatting on my address but I get enough junkmail already.

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