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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2010, 05:53:19 am
First Created: Jan 04, 2010, 08:57:05 pm
File version: 0.675.3
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 6,611 (6,800) Size: 4.07 MB
Views: 15,317 (15,776) Type: ZIP
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Unofficial patch for Custom Settlements 0.675. Seeks to fix bugs, polish rough edges, and add a few features (such as trade).

version 0.675.3:
Diavolonia e0m0, e1m0, e1m1 - reworked AI mesh to utilize bridge, avoid buildings
Diavolonia e1m1 - removed prison, fixed torches right of bridge, deleted floating 'destroy' object
Grenlandsby e1m1 - Fixed door to manor
Nottburg e0m0 - grounded floating objects and deleted castle entrace
(Whitecreek has replaced Emptauk - Credit due to Berpol)
(Squarodin e1m2, e2m2 - Added door to castle - Credit due to Berpol)
patrols created between reaching eXm2 and becoming part of a faction are renamed once the faction arises
removed debugging messages related to heroes hiding
carvans no longer add prosperity multiple times per visit
after prisoner revolt, it was possible that freed prisoners would be added to random party
population party of settlements correctly changes faction when taken over by peasants/bandits
troop/settlement/faction notes should be more accurate
towns-folk visiting the settlement in-scene should no longer always say they need a better look
heroes released/freed in dialog get appropriate title
prevented experience bomb at beginning of game due to heroes not yet spawning
(Many troops given more sensible weapon proficiencies and skills - Credit due to Berpol)
peasants migrating to settlements with higher prosperity now will always occur if a viable pair of source/target settlements exist. to counteract, timer frequency reduced from 7 hours to 72 hours.
settlement heroes (and lords/faction leaders) give settlers that end up in their parties to their settlements
heroes in combat no longer have their armies enlarged
AI settlements (and player's with steward) have limits to automatic prosperity/productivity growth that depends on settlement economic level
food withdrawn from settlement is now random, based on local production rates
peasant training now can be done in multiples of 5
e1+ settlements have prosperity/production grow more slowly if the population has a large class imbalance
in edit mode, can claim settlements that are peasant or bandit faction
AI settlements now consume food (Charfield given farmers to compensate)
when adding roaming bandits to settlement's bandit party, prisoners now move to the settlement's prison or are freed
added battle recap, loot screen for attacking/defending settlements
attacking/defending settlements has battle advantage set on military level of settlement
(10 new heroes - Credit due to Berpol)
all trade goods are added and an initial attempt at balancing trade has been made
settlements now have a detailed income/expense report
added a few female victory cries
integrated Berpol's Settlements City Add-On v0.675+1,,68059.0.html

version 0.675.2:
Fulrestin: e0m0 grounded some floating objects
Diavolonia: e0m0, e1m0, e1m1 grounded some floating objects
patrols should no longer disappear captured heroes if the settlement cannot take them
lords should no longer disappear captured heroes if the settlement cannot take them
while patroling or hanging out in scene, player no longer appreciates self or double appreciates heroes
mercenaries will not always fail to join non-mercenary heroes for money
merging of heroes and roaming parties now checks if parties are in combat before selecting to merge
merchants no longer receive same clothes as peasants or peasant upgrades
hot-keys work at settlement menu
withdrawing an item of food no longer sorts player inventory
heroes stay at their settlement if there is an overwhelming force nearby and they are low on troops
error for adding over 15 trade routes suppressed
fully randomized which kingdoms arise at settlements (less Swadia/Vaegir biased)
fully randomized which kingdoms settlements join
patrols should use settlement cultured troops, not player
capped roaming, unled parties at 100 people
hero parties no longer grow beyond ideal size
settlement lord parties always send peasants to their settlements
added more trade goods

version 0.675.1:
Luolan: e2m0 manor passage removed
Drunadd: e2m0 fixed tavern passage; e2m1 fixed manor passage
disappeared heroes should eventually respawn
heroes freed by NPCs respawn immediately
in-scene visiting townsfolk now add to the population
patrols giving prisoners to a settlement no longer generate invalid party id errors
companion heros no longer shuffle gear following an equip
hearldic items/shields should get proper banner
individual merchants for every settlement
production rates for settlements' trade goods assigned by distance to "resource regions"
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 Custom Settlements 0.675.3 Unoffici (v 0.675.3)  » posted by Ok Wookie on May 14, 2010, 08:53:53 am
Boo wont work
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 Custom Settlements 0.675.3 Unoffici (v 0.675.3)  » posted by IKCharlie on May 19, 2010, 11:55:44 pm
This is a patch. So, if you want it to work, download the current MOD version (.675) at this location

So, for those of you wondering what to do, i'll break it down for you.

1. Download the Original patch here
2. install it it under C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules\
2.1 Create a new Folder (suggested give it the version number) so it looks like this
C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules\Custom Settlements 0.675
2.2 Select all (ctrl + a) files inside of the .rar you downloaded
2.3 copy them all into this folder you created "Custom Settlements 0.675"
3. download this file
4. copy all (ctrl + a) all files inside of this .rar
5. paste them inside the same folder "Custom Settlements 0.675"
5.1 rename the folder (to remind you the actual version) to "Custom Settlements 0.675.3"

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 Custom Settlements 0.675.3 Unoffici (v 0.675.3)  » posted by Colonel Comanglia on Sep 05, 2010, 08:40:06 pm
Will this mod be ported to Warband? And also why only minor updates (point being only new heroes and some less bugs and its been over a year since the last major change)?

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