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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2010, 10:24:11 am
First Created: Dec 26, 2009, 11:20:42 pm
File version: 0.83
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 13,850 (18,067) Size: 164.49 MB
Views: 33,588 (40,852) Type: ZIP
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Rating (12 votes): 3.7 / 5.0
Alpha version of a mod based on early 16th century India.

Play as a Rajput, Mughal, a Zamindar of the southern Hindu empires, or a foreign mercenary and find your fortune amid medieval India's profusion of kingdoms.

Features 12 factions, modified character generation, hunting in hunting lodges (training camps), and lots of new items.

This is a work in progress, so the map is not yet configured to have the topography of India, and some features like kingdom management are not yet fully worked in.

Version 0.83 up! Additions include:
  • Command Cursor (thanks to dstemmer); command key is Z
  • Companions can be made lords and given fiefs (based on Berserker Pride's Kingdom Management kit)
  • Obedient lords (thanks to kt0)
  • Revised making peace with enemy factions
  • Revised method for recruiting lords
  • Expanded player faction troop selection
  • Afghan Rebels and Disbanded Mercenaries can be recruited to your kingdom*
  • New Khyber knife from Standard Weapons Upgrade pack (thanks to Talon and co.)
  • Added Katar and Chakram (thanks to Berserker Pride)
  • Feast your army to gain morale at tavern (replaces buying townsfolk a drink)
  • Give alms to the people through the town's Kazi (formerly the guild master) to gain relationship with town
  • You can have patrols sell off, kill or free their prisoners; you get a cut from the sale, and honor/renown effects if you kill or free them
  • You can have lords kill or free their prisoners

*There's a chance they will attack instead of listening to your offer, and again after you make your offer, and they don't take orders very well :) But, they're big parties and powerful ...

Version 0.7 is up! Improvements in this version include:
  • 12 factions
  • each faction has its own armor and horses
  • faction patrols (including player faction, if you found your own kingdom)
  • new enemies to fight! Afghan Rebels, Disbanded Mercenaries, and the Portuguese
  • start as a mercenary Afghan, Turk, Arab, Abyssinian, Rajput, or Maratha
  • you start with a history - depending your character creation choices, some factions will automatically be your enemies
  • you start with a small retinue of fighters, composition based on your choice of initial kingdom served
  • all-mounted tournaments with mixed weapons
  • archers in tournaments have backup weapon
  • own kingdom (titled {playername}id kingdom, e.g. my kingdom is the Alamgirid Kingdom)
  • give gifts to lords via tavern merchant (tavern traveler)
  • you can recruit lords to your faction
  • you can offer bribes to make lords join you
  • you can give fiefs to lords
  • make peace with other kingdoms after founding your own kingdom
  • player faction elite troops
  • more powerful lord armies, weaker cities and castles
  • whistle for horse in battle (hit 'T'), thanks to Chel
  • cattle follow, thanks to the MageLord
  • prisoner ransoms based on level
  • ransoms offered more frequently for lords, and are larger
  • more food items - some foodstuffs have limited amounts, but high morale bonus, commoner foodstuffs have high amounts, low bonus

You still cannot ride elephants. I am using William Berne's elephant models, and without a true elephant skeleton you'll still end up riding inside the elephant if I allowed it.

Camels are ridable. They are slower than most horses, but tougher and have a slightly higher charge damage.
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 Re: Battle for Hindustan (v 0.83)  » posted by drakharios on Jul 20, 2020, 08:10:05 am
17dshibu wrote:
Hi! The mod does not seem to work with warband for me. It crashes at the first loading bar, as it hits loading setting data. Can Someone help me?

It doesn't work in Warband because it's a Mount and Blade mod.
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