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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2010, 11:10:31 am
First Created: Dec 17, 2009, 05:28:31 am
File version: 0.96
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 6,344 (10,969) Size: 63.07 MB
Views: 16,971 (31,177) Type: ZIP
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Rating (8 votes): 4.6 / 5.0
A different flavor for native. A bit more difficult than the original. Try it only if you're new to the game, otherwise you'll have a terrible feeling of deja vu. Feel free to post suggestions and bugs.

Main Features

_ Bug free (hopefully).
_ Has no impact on framerate.
_ Every item has been rebalanced. Most items have attribute or skill requirements. Lances and ranged weapons are deadlier. Food is dearer so traders have an advantage against warriors when it comes to upkeeping an army.
_ Armor protection has been modified so that every blow inflicts some damage. Together with the item balance, this gives a more brutal experience on the battlefield.
_ Harmless skills are more important thanks to various script tweaks.
_ Characters and towns have been renamed. The 5 kingdoms are :
The kingdom of Austrasie (swadians) with a cavalry based army focusing on crossbows, swords and shields.
The kingdom of Vanaheimr (nords) with an infantry based army focusing on bows, axes and shields.
The kingdom of Strathclyde (vaegirs) with a mixed army focusing on bows and claymores.
The khanate of Chipchaq (khergits) with a cavalry based army focusing on bows and javelins.
The republic of Romuli with a mixed army focusing on crossbows, shields and spears.
_ New troops and troop trees for every faction. All done from scratch.

To install :
_ unzip in your Mount&Blade\Modules folder.
_ select "Native Bis" in the launcher of M&B.

To uninstall :
_ delete "Native Bis" folder in your "Mount&Blade\Modules" folder.
_ to delete your saves, delete the "Native Bis" folder in your "Documents\Mount&Blade Savegames" folder.

The hud has been modified. If you want the old hud back, look for a file named "" in the "Mount&Blade\Modules\Native Bis\Textures" folder and simply delete it.

Detailed list

Items :
_ Every item has been rebalanced. Many items require a high skill or attribute level. The value of money has been overally decreased (you'll need more cash to buy things). Lances are more useful. Thrown weapons deal more damage. And food is dearer.
_ Old items have been reimplemented when possible.
_ Great Helm model replaced by white tournament helm.
_ The bonus chests now hold items which should help people who find this mod too hard at the beginning.
_ Light armor made less... orange.
_ Samourai armor made more... red.

Attributes and skills :
_ Persuasion depends on Charisma.
_ Level 0 of prisoner management grants 5 prisoners.
_ Prisoner management decreases the chances that lords escape.
_ Trade bonus increased (from 6% to 7%).
_ Trade skill influences prisoner prices.
_ Trade skill influences recruits prices (-1 denar per point).
_ Renown increases party size limit even more (from 4 to 20 for 100 points).
_ Charisma increases party size limit by 2 for 1 point (from 1).
_ Leadership increases party size limit by 7 for 1 point (from 5).
_ Leadership effect on morale decreased.
_ Persuasion increases number of available recruits and decreases their cost.
_ Persuasion increases the chances that an enemy would surrender his castle.
_ Persuasion increases the chances that your peace requests will be accepted.
_ Power draw and throw depends on agility.
_ Shield and athletics depends on strength.
_ Trainer skill influences XP rewarded in training camp.
_ Looting effect on village looting increased from 3 to 4%.

Troops :
_ Brand new troop trees for every faction and mercenaries . They are balanced so that no faction should be stronger on the campaign map.
_ Every character has been renamed according to their faction theme. Their stats have been revised, Lords put up a better fight.
_ Companions stats and items revised.
_ Looters items and stats revised : they will kick your sorry ass if you take them too lightly.

Battle :
_ Lords have less chance to successfully escape (from 80% to 60%).
_ Hud modified. Stop counting your hitpoints. Maybe I should write this in red. Edit : I did ;)
_ Armor resistance tweaked. A blow should rarely deal 0 damage, so don't rely solely on your plate armor when you jump in the middle of a mob of peasants.
_ Low damage blows don't interrupt the opponent.
_ Couched lance damaged reduced to avoid level 1 steamroller.

Quests :
_ relation modifiers tweaked.
_ No lord will ever ask you to capture tier 5 troops again.
_ Less cattle is needed for cattle related quests.
_ All quests should give a bit more money (this was necessary since money value has been decreased).

Arena :
_ Rewards increased (to 50, 100, 200, 500, 750).
_ Skirmishers : shield removed, melee weapon added.
_ Archers : small melee weapon added (can't block).

Tournament :
_ Bets increased (x5).
_ Bet rewards decreased (/4).
_ Reward increased (from 250 to 2000).
_ Tournaments are 2 team based. No more battle royal.

Campaign Map :
_ You can help any party you're not hostile with.
_ Deserters parties are smaller. They make good targets at the beginning of the game.
_ Mercenaries limited to tier 3.
_ When your king refuses to give you the castle you just took, he rewards you with 10000 denars.
_ Battle calculation modified. High level troops have less weight on autocalculation.
_ The IA now fights at night.
_ IA battles are less long and results are more dramatic.
_ Castles should be a little easier to take.
_ You can talk to the ancient from the menu.
_ Parties are bigger. I mean 30% bigger. Get the battle sizer ready.
_ Towns and factions renamed. Well, it's the third time I say it. Just in case you didn't get it.
_ You have to pick a culture at the beginning of the game and all your recruits will be from this culture.
_ 4 spawn points for bandits added.
_ Bandits spawn more often.
_ Bandits help each others.
_ Manhunters can now be found everywhere in Calradia.
_ IA should flee less often on the campaign map.
_ Cattle follow the player.
_ Food adjustements. 1 unit of food feeds 1 guy a day (food amount has been increased to compensate for the loss).
_ Castle have 33% less food.
_ Party size has less impact on morale.
_ Building time greatly decreased (/3).
_ School grants its bonus every week instead of every month.
_ Recruits are dearer (from 10 to 25 denars).
_ Taxes can all be collected in one town.
_ Kingdom management included, credits to Highlander.
_ More recruits are available in villages (x2).
_ Prosperity message removed. Like we cared.
_ Talk to Guild Master from the menu.
_ Peace agreement system : Peace costs more or less gold, depending if you win or lose the war. And if a lord hates you, he might refuse your proposal (persuasion skill helps in that case).
_ Training camps rebalanced. In general you get more XP but only if you fight tougher opponents and have a good trainer skill.

Included mods :
_ "More metal sounds" (1.91), credits to Checkmaty.
_ "Colorful textures", credits to WestNordOst.
_ Featuring the grass from Zaro's "graphical enhancement".

Troop Trees :

Mercenaries are interested in money, money and... money. And the fastest way to earn some money is often the fastest way to get killed. Elite mercenaries are more likely to hunt bounties than to join a regular army.

Women are also able to wield weapons, and often shows more skills than men. They tend to use Altan equipment, as it is less heavy than other equipment and just as lethal.

Peasant woman(1)
More of a pain for the ear than a real threat.

Mercenary watchwoman(2)
Peasant women who get a taste for melee fight become watchwomen.

Mercenary Horsewoman(3)
Mercenary watchwomen can become horsewomen. Fielded with a shield, a sword and sometimes a lance, they are not to be underestimated.

Mercenary archer(2)
Skilled peasant women can become archers. They use light bows and in number they can easily swarm a better trained army.

Mercenary mounted archer(3)
Skilled mercenary archers might be able to shoot while riding a horse.


Not really eager to fight and it shows.

Mercenary milita(2)
A lightly trained militia. Still, they are a lot better than farmers.

Mercenary horseman(3)
Militias can become horsemen. They are horsewomen's manly counterpart.

Mercenary crossbowman(2)
Farmers can become crossbowmen. They are extremely efficient against armor, but are useless when outnumbered.

Mercenary mounted crossbowmen(3)
Next step for crossbowmen. Their skirmishing ability is a real pain for mounted knights.

Austrasian soldiers use shields and swords. Skilled soldiers often trade their sword for a piercing weapon. Living in the plains, they often field horsemen. Their elite units are the powerful knights.

Just a farmer without a farm.

Levies who live long enough can become crossbowmen.

Heavy crossbowman(3)
Skilled crossbowmen not learned enough to ride a horse become heavy crossbowmen.

Mounted crossbowman(3)
Crossbowmen can become mounted crossbowmen. Shooting a crossbow on horse is easier than shooting a bow but you can't reload a heavy crossbow on a horse.

Basic soldiers with a shield and a sword.

Improved version of militas. They happen to use piercing weapons like spiked maces.

Improved version of footmen. The heaviest austrasian infantry. Many of them use piercing weapons like spiked maces.

Most Austrasians own a horse. Becoming a horseman is natural for a militia.

Skilled horsemen become lancers. A lancer uses a lance, and as such is a dangerous opponent.

Just what you would expect: 300 pounds of metal and flesh thrown at 30 miles per hour. Just move away.

Every Clydian is born with a claymore in the mouth. Even the mighty Vanirs respect the skill of their infantry. But the real threat comes from their longbowmen.

A farmer without a farm, living in a tribe.

Not every Clydian can wield the power of his father's claymore. Such warriors favors the axe and the shield.

Improved watchmen. Some of them wield a two handed sword.

These guys are the next and last step after the footmen. They all wear a good armor and wield a two handed sword.

Often the second son of the family who is lucky enough to have is elder brother alive. He doesn't have the privilege to wield the family's claymore but has the honor to stand against the enemy's cavalry.

Watchmen tired of walking can become mounted hobilars.

There is a long tradition of hunting among the Clydians. Tribesmen often end up as archers.

Mounted archers(3)
Clydians are often skilled enough to ride and to shoot. And sometimes skilled enough to actually hit something.

Improved archer.

Improved version of archers. A longbow is a deadly weapon.

Retinue archer(5)
When you are the eldest son of the family and skilled with a longbow, you become a retinue archer. The problem when you face one of these guys is that after luckily dodging his deadly arrows, the dude draws a huge claymore.

Altans are people of the steppes. They live by the horse and the bow.

Altan got no farm. But they've a tribe.

Sometimes you need someone without a horse to bring some water to the camp.

Watchmen can become skirmishers. They use javelins.

Mounted skirmishers(4)
Mounted version of skirmishers.

Watchmen can become horsemen.

Lancers are improved horsemen. Believe me or not: they wield a lance.

The regular career for a tribesman.

Often from horseless families. They are improved archers.

Mounted archers(3)
Mounted version of archers. What most Altans want to be.

Steppe Warden(4)
Often called the golden riders, they are the elite of the mounted archers.

Picked from the steppe wardens, they are heroes of their people and the Khan's best warriors.

Vanirs are powerful melee fighter, using axes and shields, but also excellent hunters. However... Vanirs don't like horses. Take too much place on boats. And not good at carrying seven feet guys over long distances. They taste good though.

Probably someone who forgot his shield at home.

Tribesmen can become archers.

Improved version of archers.

Improved marksmen. With a shield and an axe.

Archers can become skirmishers. Some people are slow to realise that they are better at throwing stuff than at shooting them.

A berserker is an improved skirmisher. He hurls an axe at you and finish you off with a double axe. That's what I call an improvement.

A tribesman can become a watchman.

Watchmen can become spearmen. Quite efficient against cavalry.

An improved watchman.

A footman who reaches adulthood.

Best warriors available in all Calradia. Typically the guy you don't want to mess with.

Their army is a professional one. Which means that they will kill you in a professional way. They favor spears and always carry a pavise when on foot (except for fresh recruits). Living close to the kingdom of Austrasie, they also field some cavalry. The most versatile army of Calradia.

They volunteered, but I'm not sure they had a choice.

When the neighbour next door has knights, you have no choice but to learn how to use a crossbow.

Mounted crossbowman(3)
When the knights have horses, you have no choice but to learn how to ride.

Heavy crossbowman(3)
Improved crossbowmen.

Elite crossbowmen. Knights' living nightmares.

Recruits often become militias.

Militias can become horsemen, but it's quite unusual.

Improved militia.

Elite swordsmen. Good macemen as well.

Footmen often becomes spearmen, the core of the Romulian army.

Elite spearmen, fearless and unmatched against knights in melee. Impervious to arrows and bolts and able to impale two horses in a row.

Versions :

Version 0.96 (save compatible with 0.95)
_ More metal sounds updated to 1.92
_ Culture added to troop names.

Version 0.95
_ Fixed inverted cultures in culture selection screen.
_ Fixed a silent bug with volunteer recruiting.

Version 0.94
_ "More metal sounds" updated.
_ Bet rewards decreased (/4).

Version 0.93 (not savegame compatible with 0.91)
_ light leather texture modified.
_ relation modifiers tweaked.
_ items wrongly flagged as merchandise modified.
_ increased companion recrutement prices.
_ looting skill effect on village looting raised from 3 to 4%.

Version 0.91
_ Companions rebalanced. Their skills are now capped by their attributes.
_ Bandits party size reduced to 133% of native one.
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Comments (Page 2 of 2)
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.94)  » posted by Wll10441 on Feb 09, 2010, 04:05:40 pm
very nice mod, maybe in the future you could add in interesting quickbattles and more options when creating character as in different backgrounds. ohh and you changed all the names? realy? i have enough trouble remembering the other thousands of names in other mods. but they are better names than most other mods.
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.94)  » posted by credo0302 on Feb 12, 2010, 08:49:18 am
Thank you for this great mod, Nemeo.
Your idea is very impressive!

But I have a problem playing this mod.
I chose Vanirs culture, but all I can hire from the villages are recruits... who upgrade to militia or crossbowmen.
I want Vanir tribemen and Longbowmen!
Is this a bug?


I tried some more and I found that when I choose Vanir I get Romulis culture and when Romulis Vanir culture. Choices are reversed.
I hope you correct this little bug in the next version.

And I also hope you understand my English. ;-)
comment last edited by credo0302 on Feb 12, 2010, 09:12:36 am
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.94)  » posted by Nemeo on Feb 12, 2010, 10:37:06 am
It is indeed a small bug. In fact, vanirs and romulians were inverted in the culture selection screen. A fix is being worked on, it will not be savegame compatible.

edit: hopefully fixed
comment last edited by Nemeo on Feb 12, 2010, 11:25:57 am
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by lejyoner on Feb 14, 2010, 08:15:04 am
Very good job.. I guess this mod has to be basic qualification for other mods.. Nice..! ;-)
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by iva81 on Feb 14, 2010, 08:44:04 am
Mod is great, there are many beautiful new textures and new things, love this mod :-P . But I have problems, the problems start happening after 20lv, when I'm taking prisoners, irrelevant whether from the prison or after the battle (not always, crash only on certain prisoners). Also after the battle when you take another soldier for you, begins to crash the game back to the desktop (not always, crash only on certain soldiers). Please check that, thank you in advance. :-D
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by Nemeo on Feb 14, 2010, 11:26:05 am
I see no reason why the game would crash after level 20 and I did not experience such a problem. There's no dormant script in it which activates later in the game. Does the game return an error or something ? Did you try to merge this mod with another one ? When you tried to get another soldiers/prisoners in your party, how many of them did you have in your party when the game crashed ? Maybe it's a party limit issue but I've never heard about such a limit.

I need more clues to investigate. If any of you have trouble after level 20 as well, please let me know and post any information you can provide. Right now I have nowhere to start from. Thanks.
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by Riz123 on Feb 16, 2010, 08:26:12 am
Hi, I really like this mod, it makes the game harder but also enables an "straight into the action" experience =)

Just a 2 questions really I wanted to ask,

1. Did the formula for couched lance get changed (to not enable a speed bonus or something?) because I can't seem to do as much damage as before in vanilla.
(I played as an horse archer/lancer, and liked the idea that I could run down weaker infantry if I could aim that lance right ;) But now I get pwned by the looters mobs and takes multiple hits if I want to kill em)

2. Is there anyway you could put up a description of the tribe soldier type available upon character creation because the names are confusing and I'm not sure what I'm getting when I make a new character. (I.e. what culture troops I am recruiting - since I can't change this ingame :) - even a post here or edited description would be great!)

Thanks for the good work! :D
comment last edited by Riz123 on Feb 16, 2010, 08:26:43 am
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by Nemeo on Feb 16, 2010, 08:47:41 am
Couched lance damage has been reduced to normal damage. The first reason is that the AI rarely uses couched attacks (and to me, being able to do x3 damages when the AI can't feels like cheating) and the second reason is that lances damage have been increased. With the appropriate training you will be able to be an efficient lancer (you can already see that the few AI knights using couched attacks are really efficient when they hit).

The original game enabled a level 1 soldier to kill anything with couched lance damage. In this mod, you will have to put some points in strike and in riding to hit harder. If you want to be a steamroller, you'll have to level the appropriate skills. Nobody's a knight on his first day :)

For the troop trees, I'm begining a dirty description of them right now. It will be on the forum in a few hours.
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by Riz123 on Feb 16, 2010, 10:37:00 am
If you put it like that it makes perfect senseĀ¬! :-)
Guess I need to save up and buy myself a big strong horse and a badass lance =)

Thanks for the quick reply and thank you in advance for the description of troop trees :D :hammer:
comment last edited by Riz123 on Feb 16, 2010, 10:37:36 am
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by Nemeo on Feb 16, 2010, 10:44:53 am
Troop trees have been posted. They look awful. Check the homepage link.
IP: logged
 Re: Native Bis (v 0.95)  » posted by iva81 on Feb 18, 2010, 05:37:23 pm
Nemeo wrote:
I see no reason why the game would crash after level 20 and I did not experience such a problem. There's no dormant script in it which activates later in the game. Does the game return an error or something ? Did you try to merge this mod with another one ? When you tried to get another soldiers/prisoners in your party, how many of them did you have in your party when the game crashed ? Maybe it's a party limit issue but I've never heard about such a limit.

I need more clues to investigate. If any of you have trouble after level 20 as well, please let me know and post any information you can provide. Right now I have nowhere to start from. Thanks.

It's not problem in the limit, maybe I have problems with system or computer. It's stupid crash, everything is fine, the game works perfectly until I starts to transfer soldier or prisoner to my group (one person, then game crash and not anybody only particular ones). Also when switching from from the castle soldier/prisoner in my group and when transfering to my vassal. I'm still playing the game :green: , but I always save before battle starts in case the game crashes and I don't take no more soldiers/prisoners :-D . ( Sorry for my bad english :-( )
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted by Sorin on Mar 12, 2010, 01:21:18 pm
I haven't been able to figure this out for any of the games I own. But where are the game folders (such as the MountAndBlade/Mods folder) located for Steam games? O_o

*Edit* I should say, I've downloaded this already, just unpacked it to my desktop till I can figure out where it's supposed to go. O_o
comment last edited by Sorin on Mar 12, 2010, 01:22:47 pm
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted by Nemeo on Mar 13, 2010, 06:07:41 am
Game directories of steam games are located in "Steam\steamapps\common" except for Valve games, which are in "Steam\steamapps\accountname".
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted by blackhunter88 on Mar 31, 2010, 11:42:36 am
I downloaded the Native Bis put in a folder mods i got to play, when I go into battle the bar not appeared in my life ... this happened because you know someone tell me ... thanks!!
IP: logged
 Native Bis (v 0.96)  » posted by Nemeo on Apr 01, 2010, 11:05:51 am
The health bar has been removed. If you want it back, look for a file named "" in the "Mount&Blade\Modules\Native Bis\Textures" folder and delete it.
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