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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2006, 12:28:53 pm
First Created: Mar 21, 2006, 08:08:07 pm
File version: 0.25c
For M&B version: .730/.731
Downloads: 2,200 Size: 4.24 MB
Views: 4,012 Type: RAR
Rating (2 votes): 3.3 / 5.0
The Mighy Three! 0.25c

Kradus, Xerina, Dranton, Cassandra and Vhalira will join you on various terms. Find out what you need to make them join you! Charisma may help with girls and brute strength with men.
Including altered Janus Arena Mod and Raptors Weapon Pack!

Peasant and other lowlifes attackable. (Will have MAJOR influence on some things! (probably in later versions. *laughs* )
Bugs fixed! :D
Vaegir/Swadian War Parties and Dark Knights are now lead by strong Leutnants!
Marnid was replaced with Vhalira!
Xhanatos added. Who he is or what he does you have to find out by your own. :P He will destroy you probably tough.
Some things I already forgot...
No Day without an Update!
Some bugs? :P

Arena changed and Arena Bugs fixed.
There is now a Barbarian Team! They fight nearly naked and rely on strength and speed, but armor. I love them. :P
Archers and Jousting people have extra weapons, so they can defend there lifes.
So let the slaughtering begin!

Dranton is still ugly but he can be recruited. HARD. :P

Your Stats and your choices you make in conversations with the heroes will change various other things.

Hareck MAY grant you something even better than the shield!

Hero level is about 25, so you have a tinny chance of lvling them up, very tinny. But they already are quite the fighters anyway.

If you screw up somehow while playing you may lose both heroes for ever, so better do what they want and do it when they want it. Wink

And also forget Marnid or Borcha, they are weaklings compared to Dranton or Xerina.

Credits to Janus for the wonderful Arena Mod.
Credits for Raptor for weapons.

  • Let you recruit Xerina, Kradus, Dranton and Cassandra
  • + Other various stuff
  • + altered Janus Arena Mod!
  • + Raptors Weapons

File History
0.25c : More nasty bugs fixed! ... Added Combat Gold+EXP Reward for every hero.
0.25b : Nasty bugs fixed. :P
0.25 : Many new features! Bugs fixed, and probably new bugs introduced! ;)
0.22b : You now can play the mod again!
0.21/22 : Major bugs fixed!
0.20 : Cassandra may join you. Bugs fixed. Hidden Event! + More
0.16 : Bugs fixed and Arena stuff
0.15 : Bugs fixed, Dranton recruitable and other stuff.
0.09 : Various bug fixes and new added stuff
0.05 : First Version.

This is 0.20 so dont expect toooo much.

Sun, Mar-26-2006

The Ultimate Version! :P
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