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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2009, 03:01:07 pm
First Created: Sep 15, 2009, 02:17:14 am
File version: .6 beta
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 710 (903) Size: 46.2 KB
Views: 3,511 (3,696) Type: RAR
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This is an attempt to port RCM into Expanded Gameplay 3. The goal is to make combat even MORE extreme and realistic. This is very much a work in progress, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback! (contact info in the readme)

Thread on this mini-mod :,76336.msg1992325.html#msg1992325
Expanded Gameplay 3 :,61453.0.html
RCM :,348.0.html

Heavy armored elite units are just as hard, if not harder to solo (I am definitely having to improve my tactical ability to survive fights now). Also, all of the different types of weapons and armor are still useful in different situations, and I usually am carrying around at least 2 extra weapons in inventory for use in battles.

Armor values scale much higher now - so heavy plate is REALLY useful, even if it slows you down a lot. The compromise is chainmail or plate&mail, which gives you decent protection without making you too sluggish. I may have to tweak the weight values or difficulty up to make it more of an effect, cause heavy plate might be TOO good right now.

Weapons wise, everything does more damage. Even a dagger is now very deadly if you are unarmored, but it takes a big axe or hammer to really hurt someone in heavy armor. Arrows will literally bounce off of heavy plate, doing little to no damage unless it's a heavy bow with piercing arrows shot by someone very strong (i.e. the Hunter). Crossbows, however, while doing effectively the same damage as arrows to unarmored people will punch through heavy plate.

Spears and polearms are faster, and are very effective at keeping enemies at bay, taking out horses and couching, but do little vs armor. Swords are fast and deadly againt unarmored foes. Axes are heavy and smash through armor, but are slow. Hammers are also slow (although shorter and faster than axes) but very effective against armor. The biggest change was really lowering Axe and Hammer speeds, so although they are the best pound for pound on damage, unless you are very strong and skilled and wearing light armor, you aren't going to be hitting very fast or hard. However, someone who is strong, skilled, in light armor or on a horse and hits you with a 2h axe or hammer ... say goodnight. Then that dude in his light armor or his horse can be taken down by an arrow, which is also effective vs crossbow troops. But the archer can be taken down by a heavy armor. So everything is in balance and there are counters for different things.

I also made it so that some arrows (Bodkin and Piercing) are better vs armor. This is for 2 reasons: A) It sucks playing a dedicated archer who is completely useless vs top tier troops and B) Historically these types of arrows were made to punch through armor.

Versatile armies are pretty useful, and I've been using the unit commands WAY more than any other mod. Especially since death is possible, charging in solo is usually stupid and game over.

Really the only changes I've done are to make battles a bit more vicious, deadly and fast-paced. It's not really gameplay changing at all, it's just my own personal taste on combat.

v.5b (9/13/09) First release
v.51b (9/15/09) Fixed some minor mistakes
v.6 (9/16/09) Rebalanced some troop, shields and armor values
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