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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2006, 07:24:35 pm
First Created: Mar 20, 2006, 08:32:40 pm
File version: 1.421
For M&B version: .751
Downloads: 4,766 Size: 2.72 MB
Views: 7,664 Type: ZIP
Rating (6 votes): 3.8 / 5.0
I totally rebuilt the module in python. Man, its so much easier to do big changed in python, especially with the easy to use system Armagan has set up.

Oh, and thanks to Janus for his arena mod, Effidian for his unofficial editor, Thorgrim for his great map and brf editors, Lurb for all the work on deciphering the BRF files, and ofcourse Armagan for designing such a great game and supporting the modding community. And I cant forget the makers of all the great mods out there that inspired me to release my own.

Just in case you found this listing without finding the TaleWorlds post, here's the link to my forum post about it.

Hope everyone enjoys the mod, post comments and bugs on the thread.

  • Death system. If you get knocked unconscious when you have no other troops (heroes count, as long as they arent unconscious too) you will die. Very simple system, very effective so far. Tell me if you find any bugs. The bit about you laying there no longer shows up, you just get removed from your party.
  • Totally new map. Same size as the original, 'cept its an island. Towns are the same as well, since I havent bothered to change them yet, but I did move them around a bit.
  • New weapons - look for katanas, wakizashis(shorter katanas :P), nodachis(longer katanas :P), zweihanders, flambards, cleaver swords(orc scimitars from lotr), chu ko nu's, a new poleaxe, and a new two hander axe.
  • New heroes. Ok, not really that new, but they have new names, new stats, and might even say something different. Oh, and theres the woman formerly known as Ymira too. Will you save her from the evil soldiers, or be a coward and let them take her?
  • Skills develop as you gain ranks with the factions. Your leadership, prisoner management, tactics, and training all go up with ranks. Ranks are also harder to get, and the pay is higher.
  • Includes Janus' arena mod, 'cause Janus is cool, and I like his arena mod. So hats off to Janus for the arena.
  • No more traveling across the map to sell prisoners, in this world everyone wants them. Just stop off at your nearest tavernkeeper.
  • River pirate quest bit has been revamped, and is now the first link in a small chain of quests to rid the area of outlaws.
  • As of 1.3, troops have been completely redone. More troops spawn in the towns as well.
  • Merchants all have more money now, so you dont have to worry as much about insufficient funds when doing a big trade. Items have been modified to have less bad modifiers as well, it seems to work decently enough. No more rusty, tattered, cracked, poor, or crude items. I find that it helps the merchant's stock quality, and makes it a little bit easier to find decent quality items. The loot you get from npcs is a bit better too, but it still mostly pops out as bent or battered it seems (which is what I wanted, so yay).
  • Factions have been changed a bit. Ranks have been changed. A whole new evil faction has been added. The evil faction is a hidden faction, and you must go through the Gorn quest to find them.
  • A decent sized background quest for the module. It isn't set up as a formal quest with a journal entry, and it doesn't have a completely obvious path. As long as you pay attention to dialogs and don't completely miss all the clues it should be pretty easy to figure out though. The introduction pretty much sets the scene for the quest.
  • Lots of faction quests for the hidden faction, if you chose to join it. If you do, the other factions disown you, and wont let you join them. Your missions are kind of evil versions of the good missions. You can go after either side's noblemen, you can capture peasant women, and you can fight off the bounty hunters.
  • As mentioned above, there is a bounty hunter party. They can get pretty large later in the game, and they only spawn if you start killing manhunters and peasants and refugees and such.
  • Every party has a leader. The leaders all have varying degrees of tactics, but since your tactics go up with rank you dont have to worry too much about it. They also all look a bit different than their men, being better equipped, so if you wanted to capture them, you can tell them apart.
  • Zendar troops can be upgraded to slavers, and the slavers have been fleshed out with foot and mounted troops. Its not quite obvious which are which though, so I'll tell you. The keepers are on foot, and they can upgrade to drivers or hunters. The drivers are stronger foot troops, that lead to a third tier of foot troops. The hunters are the mounted troops, and they lead to a second tier of mounted.
  • Not really a feature, but its a bit more dangerous when your on foot against some of the elite foot units. They can really tear you up with a sidestep and a swing with the new great poleaxe. Just another reason to be more careful charging groups of footmen.

File History
Sun, Mar-26-2006

Totally rewrote the module in Python. Added lots of new features, and hopefully not lots of new bugs. I have a strange feeling that I am forgetting something, but I can't remember what. So, if you find a bug, post it in my thread, so I can look into it. Also - I experienced one strange crash in dialog, but it was with a dialog that I didnt edit, so I assume it must be the same kind of bug that other big mods have trouble with. Maybe its all the new dialog I added for the quests and the new faction. I only had one crash like this the entire time I was making and testing the mod though, but I just thought I would throw that out there just in case it happens to be a problem.

Fri, Sep-15-2006

Simply updated it to work with .751

Fri, Sep-15-2006

Fixed bug with Gorn fight being way easier than it was supposed to be. I also forgot to update the scn files to 7.51 :D, so it made all the scenes all screwed up for taverns and such. Thats fixed too.

Sun, Sep-24-2006

Fixed a variety of bugs. One being a hung dialog when you join Gorn, sorry about that one. Few other details in the forum post.

Tue, Sep-26-2006

Just corrected a very tiny typo that somehow slipped through. The entire update consists of changing a 1 to a 0.

Download the conversation.txt file if you had the 1.42 version and dont want to download the whole mod again just to fix this little thing.
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 Re: The Island - Shipwrecked! v1.41  » posted by Calandale on Sep 18, 2006, 06:24:06 pm
Glad to see this has been updated. It was quite a fun little mod, and I look forward to the new installment.
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 Re: The Island - Shipwrecked! v1.42  » posted by Zetrex on Sep 30, 2008, 02:00:42 pm
this looks good i would like to see it on 1.003 :-(

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