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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2010, 03:34:49 am
First Created: Jun 23, 2009, 04:19:32 am
File version: 0.675+3
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 3,136 (8,627) Size: 2.7 MB
Views: 11,059 (17,342) Type: EXE
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Rating (2 votes): 4.3 / 5.0
Custom Settlement City Add-On

This add-on is not save game compatible. If you want to still use your old game you should either not install this add-on or use two copies of the module.

You can use part of the current add-on so it is save game compatible.
If you only copy scenes.txt and the folder SceneObj you can see the new settlements in already existing games, they appear under their old name though.

The files included are a collection of all settlements and heroes submitted and checked since the last version of the module (currently 0.675). These settlements overwrite an existing empty settlement (Empt###).
With the release of a new version of the module by wickedshot these settlements should all be included in the full module files. Version numbers of the add-on show the module version that is added to (like 0.675) and the number of settlements (like +6) that are added. Newer add-ons include the files of older add-ons for the same module version. Newer add-ons for newer versions only include the files that are not already part of the full module.

After the extraction you should have a folder with the usual txt files and two extras - this instruction and scenes_all.txt - and three sub folders - ModuleSystem, SceneObj and SceneObj_All.

Simply drag or copy these files into your directory of the Custom Settlements Module (like C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules\Custom Settlements 0.67) to overwrite and add to the existing files. Agree to replace all and you can start playing.

File Description:
Installation of City Add-on.txt - this file
scenes_all.txt - If you don't like empty settlements rename it to scenes.txt, rename of remove the old file with that name.
folder ModuleSystem - This contains the python files for modding purposes, if you are a regular user you don't need these and can delete the whole folder.
folder SceneObj - This contains the files for the single scenes, these add or overwrite existing files, copy it.
folder SceneObj_All - This contains the files to fill the empty scenes, copy this into the folder SceneObj if you don't like empty settlements.

Things that might happen:
Problem: You enter a settlement with a name beginning with "Empt", you get an error message that the scene does not exist and you spawn outside the map.
Explanation: This settlement had no scenes file so the program does not know where to put you. There is a reason for it to be called Empt(Y).
Solution: Use the scenes_all.txt file and those in the folder SceneObj_All.
If you already did that see the next problem.

Problem: You enter a settlement with a name not beginning with "Empt", you get an error message that the scene does not exist and you spawn outside the map.
Explanation: The scenes files for this settlement seem to be missing.
Solution: Tell me the name or number (from the error message) of the settlement and I check it out.

Problem: You enter Custow or another settlement better than a camp and the scene you see does not fit or belongs to another settlement.
Explanation: The number of your settlements in scenes.txt and scripts.txt do not match.
Solution 1: If you did not start a new game after installation do so.
Solution 2: If you did start a new game you best reinstall the add-on again and start a new game.
Solution 3: If this does not help tell me the name and upgrade of the settlement you enter and what you see and I check it out.

P.S. If you post a problem always include the version of the Custom Settlements mod and the version of this add-on.

Version History:
10/14/10 - v0.675+3
- included the files from Manka's patch
- Modified Falconpass (20) so that trees are grounded again and not in the way
- Changed Empty 45 (45) to Kraggenkor (by Berpol)
- Changed Empty 50 (50) to Falheim (by HLM)
- Added files so that all empty settlements look like Kargala
- Added 14 heroes
07/12/09 - v0.675+1
- Older changes are now part of module version 0.675
- Added a door to the castle of Squarodin (38) at e1m2 and e2m2
- Changed Emptauk (29) to Whitecreek (by Berpol)
- Added 10 heroes
- Moved wickedshot's heroes around

06/26/09 - v0.67+13
- Some files replaced with corrected files from Liquidninja.
- Changed Emptio (31) to Steinburg (by Warcat92)
- Changed Empty 44 (44) to Haiburg (by Louis Dumonte) and repositioned it

06/22/09 - v0.67+11
- The files included are the originals from the creators.
- Changed Emptio (8) to Comhraidhe (by NCX)
- Changed Emptsk (32) to Emptsk Glen (by GlenSkunk)
- Changed Emptra (33) to Mountainhome (by Mortus)
- Added (36) Hawkrize (by Rize)
- Added (37) Tallglade (by Rize)
- Added (38) Squarodin (by Rize)
- Added (39) Nottburg (by Warcat92)
- Added (40) Morlia (by Warcat92)
- Added (41) Ashfurt (by Berpol)
- Added (42) Zylopus (by Rize)
- Added (43) LuoLan (by HongYan)
- Added another 7 empty settlements with a terrain code but no scenes.
- Relocated old heroes so that at least some of the new settlements have one.

wickedshot - for creating this module
Liquidninja - for checking the scenes of others
Manka - for his patch
All the creators of settlement scenes (mentioned in the history)
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 Custom Settlements City Add-On 0.67 (v 0.675+3)  » posted by Ok Wookie on Oct 31, 2010, 11:09:28 am
Muahahahaha! i am first.
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 Custom Settlements City Add-On 0.67 (v 0.675+3)  » posted by AdmiralNelson6262 on Nov 23, 2010, 01:21:11 pm
WOOT! new version of custom settlements mod! the only downside with this is that it is not for warband. is there a plan for a port?
IP: logged
 Re: Custom Settlements City Add-On 0.67 (v 0.675+3)  » posted by Berpol on Nov 25, 2010, 04:17:09 am
AdmiralNelson6262 wrote:
WOOT! new version of custom settlements mod! the only downside with this is that it is not for warband. is there a plan for a port?
To my knowledge there is no plan for it.
I also do not know what is needed to port it. If you "only" need to make the changes wickedshot did in the module system files it is not too difficult. But if you need to recreate all the maps it would be easier to start new.

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