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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2006, 06:19:03 am
File version: 0.50
For M&B version: .730/.731
Downloads: 2,004 Size: 761.1 KB
Views: 3,055 Type: ZIP
Rating (2 votes): 2.8 / 5.0
This mod simply provides some enhancements for the vanilla game.
This enhancements are thought to be useful, needed and most of all fun.

Here is a list of already implemented enhancements:

- Noble from the noble quest was changed into a Hero, so you can't accidentally kill him.
- Outlaw-upgrade tree is changed, so they can become black khergits in the end.
- You receive a higher pay from Vaegir and Swadian, and you have to pay more dinars to put your reputation back to 0. (but higher ranks are harder to reach)
- each group has a leader
- neutral units from Zendar got a new upgrade tree for archers
- normal khergits (not black khergits) can be hired at Zendar (gamewise, they were dispelled by the black khergits from their homeland, so the khergits are refugees also). They got a upgrade tree as well
- Swadian and Vaegir got each a new troop (spearman, and halberdier), they focus on taking down horse-riding troops
- it is possible to attack any group (but you will loose reputation for attacking innocents)
- you receive less XP and gold trough missions, so it's harder to level up (XP through kills is hardcoded afaik, so sadly I won't be able to change that)
- you can try to convince prisoners to join you. If you fail, they will be killed (this was necessary so the player doesn't try over and over until the prisoner joins you)
- you are able to decline missions given to you from lords


This points are planned for the upcoming updates:

- when your reputation is bad with vaegirs or swadians, their parties attack you
- new quests from zendar, swadians and vaegirs
- own "army color" (lower units wear all kind of stuff but higher units will have a matching color)
- implementation of new armors and weapons (I can't do them on my own so I will look through the posts here and see which weapons and armors are free for everyone to use)
- one or two new heroes to follow you to glory
- enemy heroes
- more troop-variations (swadians, vaegirs, zendar and bandits)
- more parties roaming Caladria
- additional starting characters with some experience and skills (or free skillable) so you don't have to start from scratch everytime you want to try a new character type
- when trying to convince prisoners to join you different difficulties (a knight is harder to convince as a outlaw)

  • prisoner convincing
  • possibility to attack any party
  • about 15 new troops
  • enhanced upgrade-trees
  • 2 new parties
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