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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2009, 06:48:41 pm
First Created: Apr 15, 2009, 06:41:49 pm
File version: 4.1 Final #2
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 63,337 Size: 128.22 MB
Views: 79,346 Type: EXE
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Rating (7 votes): 4.9 / 5.0
Out of the ashes of your defeat, forge a new empire to rival that of the invading IEF!

Tons of new and polished kingdom management features for M&B.

  • Fixed the incorrectly named player party issue (simply rename yourself, and your party will fix its name).
  • Added caravans for the player's nation. Once you have a town, you'll eventually start seeing caravans operating for your kingdom.
  • Fixed bug where it would allow a Marinian player to repeatedly build Bourgeois Chapters at his castles.
  • Added Lords Assigned Fiefs Report - tells you what you've assigned to whome, and what its current propserity is.
  • When you assign fiefs viz. your Chancellor, you can tell instantly how many fiefs a given person has, and what their relation to you is.
  • You are not charged for the privilege of resting in your own lords castles & towns,
  • Added all of the new backgrounds from Shjn: Character creation, marketplace, construction, zealot, etc...
  • Your lords no longer gets a relation bonus from castles (they're a financial burden, as well as a privilege, so they're a net zero modifier).
  • You now get new lords at random (so you don't recruit the exact same lords in the exact same order, game after game).
  • Lords start with a modicum of cash (400 denars). So they will need a fief in order to have more than a very limited army.
  • Improved fief reports to tell you how many taxpayers are there, and to report the health of the province.
  • Completely revamped the health system. It now updates weekly, based on this formula:
  • Village Health: Manor +5, Mill +5, Monestary +5, Cattle -1 each, land quality -10..+15, -1 per 10 population over 250
  • Town Health: Guild -15, University +10, -1 per 30 population over 1500
  • When you ask a prisoner to join you, you only have a chance of getting a single point of renown based on the level of the troop that joined you. Expect to get renown more rarely through that channel.
  • The chance that a troop will join you is inversely proportional to their level. The higher the level, the less chance they'll betray their own and join you.
  • Many beautiful additions from Shjn!
  • Troop trees are now better normalized (an upgrade version of a troop will never be less powerful than their novice counterpart).
  • Homeland troops have been nerfed a little. Should help to balance the game a bit.
  • Schools have been replaced by Inns. Inns continue to improve relations with the local populace (who doesn't like beer night).
  • There are summary messages for many of the periodic events (such as mills improving your properties), which are shown once in place of per-village, if you've chosen "fewer messages" in the Report>Options menu.
  • Alchohol is now a food item, but it comes in small amounts.
  • The player is warned when they're down to less than three days of rations or less.
  • You are notified via a messenger of Bandit infestations if you have built a messenger post at that village.
  • You must have the necessary funds on hand in order to upgrade your troops. You cannot generate debt to do so anymore.
  • Messages are color coded.
  • More Metal Sounds 1.7.
  • Pay Day is now much improved. You can tell exactly what happened (it even tracks all of your spending from week to week).
  • Defeated Lord joining your faction is now thoroughly tested! The chances remain quite low (in my test game, at around 1 year into the game, honorable playing, I have about a -3% to 1% chance of attracting any given lord)
  • Fixed the amount of gain / loss of relations when reassigning fiefs to account for bound villages.
  • Tournament betting is once again restricted to 100 denars per round.
  • Chatting with prisoners now correctly determines their relationship to you, and behaves accordingly (you can see their reaction to you in their image view, just like for village elders and other characters in conversations).
  • Fixed walking around in towns & castles. Doors now lead to the correct locations (this required that I restore the old menu order, so its not exactly organized, but it works).
  • Fixed bug in pay-day code that caused you to never actually get any of your income.
  • Added tons of new art from Shjn, including the strategic map art! Definitely worth it!
  • Removed direct access to council in towns so that town menus don't get a scroll bar in most cases (just go to the town's castle)
  • Now with fancy start up screens and backgrounds by Shjn!
  • Includes Mirathei's Battlefield Tactics Kit (Formations) and Morale (by Chel). Its on by default, but you can disable it from the Game Options Menu (under Reports)
  • Your Lords will upgrade their troops automatically if they have the necessary facilities in their fiefs!
  • Increased effectiveness of Engineering skills for sieges (same as for buildings from V4SF).
  • Reduced the time it takes to build siege towers by 1/2.
  • You no longer receive messages about your patrols joining you in combat (but they do join you if they can) [this affects patrols only, regular armies report normally].
  • Added fief report: Fief Under-Construction Report - which tells you what construction projects are happening at which fiefs, and how long each has until completion.
  • Added fief report: Fief Needs-Construction Report - which tells you which fiefs are currently awaiting new construction projects (i.e. they aren't building anything right now, but they do have other buildings left that could be built.)
  • Improved fief report: Fief Prosperity Report - Less numbers, more words. It now tells you in the same terms as you see when you visit a fief, and I removed the construction information to reduce the clutter).
  • Nobles are now recruited from all chapter houses, whether they're your fief or one of your lords' fiefs. They all accumulate in one of your chapters. Talk to the Marshall to set where they should recruit to.
  • Fixed & improved the messages you get when garrisoning troops. You are now correctly told which castle was garrisoned, and exactly what units were garrisoned there, and what village the troops were conscripted from. Also condensed this into a single message, so slightly less message clutter than before.
  • Increased ammo in quarrels to be the same as for arrows. 40 is the magic number for arrows or bolts.
  • Garrison Troops now automatically stops garrisoning at 200 for castles, and 350 for towns.
  • You can press P, I, or C hot keys when in the siege menu (not when waiting, you must be in the menu) to reorganize your troops, level up, or change your weapons selection.
  • AI parties have a little better than 2x their former XP rate increase over time. This needs play-balance testing - but basically it should mean you'll see more Knights and Huscarls around.
  • Auto loot now takes into account whether you've asked your companion to be mounted or not. If mounted, they won't use items that can't be used on horseback (unless they don't yet have a horse).
  • Auto loot now respects an items full requirements - so your heroes with 3 riding won't be using chargers anymore!
  • Report & camp menus now have background images.
  • Reorganized the camp & report menus. Things should be less cluttered & easier to find.
  • If you are King, you receive your rents and pay for your keeps at the same time you pay for your troops. They come to you, rather than your having to come to them (It is Good to be the King).
  • Added direct access to your council members from castle and town menus. So you can jump to a conversation with your Chancellor or Marshal without having to schlep through your keep first!
  • Auto loot will not take a lame horse. They're left in the loot pool for you to take so that you can heal them before giving them to a companion.
  • fixed a bug where troops would duplicate after a battle.
  • If you ONLY need this bug fix, you can download it here.NOTE: There is a menu option under CAMP that will allow you to fix a current game (it deletes any duplicated lords). This feature is still in the game, but if it will disappear once it has been run successfully once on any given save-game.
  • Fixed the crossbows failed to reload/fire bug.
  • The Imperials are now an inactive faction in the game until they arrive! (You will not get quests referring to them, nor will they appear as a faction in the quest log, nor will peace or war be declared with them, etc.)
  • You can now join in on battles between combatants that you are neutral with.
  • Food stockpiles at towns and castles are now consumed at a rate proportional to the number of troops defending them, and their local civilian population (towns only). Overall, Castles & Towns won't hold out as long as they used to.
  • When you go to a town or castle under siege, you are informed as to how long their food stockpiles will hold out.
  • The Imperials will now declare war on everyone (including the player)
  • The Imperials will never randomly declare or accept peace with anyone
  • Prisoner talk no longer lets you keep asking until they agree. Once anyone in a stack refuses, then you must wait until the following day to ask anyone in that stack again.
  • Added chance that a defeated lord may offer to join the player's kingdom (very small chance dependent on relations, persuasion, and honor).
  • Added "how long until your mercenary contract is up for renewal" to your character report screen (if you're currently a mercenary).
  • The main report screen and your character report can now properly distinguish between being a lord of a kingdom, or simply being a mercenary of one.
  • Includes More Metal Sounds 1.6 by Checkmaty
  • Integrated Jedediah Q's Companions Overview (to view your NPCs critical stats all at once - look under reports menu).
  • You must now confirm before declaring war by way of laying a new siege (so you don't accidentally start a war you didn't intend to!)
  • Added current days in Caladria to the main report page.
  • Increased the size of bandit-type wandering parties for the early game. No more 5-8 size stacks - 20+ now.
  • Increased the count of arrows in quivers and maximum ammo for all throwing weapons except for quarrels of bolts (crossbows already have a very high number).
  • Added some basic equipment to all characters so that they have something to wear when they start the game, regardless of their level one choices during character creation.
  • Caladrian towns and villages no longer change their relations with you based on religion, until you become their lord (by fief or kinghood).
  • Fixed bug in my autoloot enhancement where it would complain about invalid item id -1.
  • Strategic map is only available once you become a king (its confusing when its just blank, and its blank until you have your own lords).
  • Adenian knights no longer have War Axe (non-horseback axe).
  • Adenian characters no longer start with Marinian Regulars in their party.
  • You can no longer siege a castle or city owned by the kingdom of which you are a vassal.
  • Garrisoning ranged units was always generating Antarian Javeliners, not your culture's ranged units.
  • The Imperials no longer act as an active faction until they arrive. So no more quests that refer to them... no more peace or war with them before they arrive, etc.
  • Autoloot is a bit smarter when you have no companions (it doesn't let you press "auto loot", and hides other useless menu options).
  • Autoloot is smarter about when you have nothing left to distribute.
  • If you have no companions, then you go straight the native loot screen instead of to autoloot after a battle.
  • Got rid of "Prosperity of {s2} has changed from {s3} to {s4}" messages.
  • Asking for Village volunteers no longer deducts them from the taxable census.
  • Previously, villages & towns would lose respect for you based on their dislike of your faith over time. Now, they start with a finite range of reaction to you, and then only your actions will change that unless you are their fief lord... in which case your faith does in fact affect them over time. Religious buildings improve their respect for your religion, and thence their relationship with you.
  • Leadership skill now only gives a 5% discount to troop costs (as was true in SoD 4SF and Native). It does still increase party size by 10 troops per skill point.
  • Removed extra "Yes..." after reorganizing a patrol.
  • Message level (game options) now controls "Lord xxx escaped from captivity!" messages.
  • Cleaned up the regiment dialogs so that they flow better (less redundant click to continue issues).
  • Integrated More Metal Sounds 1.6 by Checkmaty (thanks!)
  • When you start a new game, you start with homeland faction appropriate gear
  • The start date for the invasion is randomized between 9 and 12 months.
  • You can commandeer a siege that your own troops are engaged in. If they've started attacking, then you join them as usual. But if they're just standing there, you can take over the siege. This is also true if you're playing as the Marshall of a Caladrian kingdom.
  • You can siege a castle or town regardless of your relationship with them (declares war against them)
  • Your lords can not lock you out of a castle in your own kingdom (you are the King, after all).
  • Your lords gain or lose some relation with you based on their quality of life (no fief = disgruntled, prison = hating life, village = ok, more fiefs = more positive relations) - updated once a week
  • You get a positive relation boost when you assign a fief to one of your lords, but you also incur an equal loss when you take it away (zero-sum game).
  • The investment system has been updated to be a more mellow one. You always have risk, but your losses are mitigated by the number of Guilds, and when you experience a gain, its amplified by your Guilds.
  • Leadership is 10% troop cost reduction (instead of 5%)
  • Leadership gains you 10 troops / skill point (instead of 5)
  • Leadership improves morale by 10 / skill point (instead of 7)
  • Prisoner limit is now = skill x 7 + leadership (instead of skill x 5)
  • Negative morale from army size reduced by 1/3
  • Village cattle quests require you to obtain 1-5 cows (instead of 5-9 cows)
  • Marshall cattle quests require you to obtain 2-4 cows (instead of 5-9)
  • Manors bestow an additional 10% prosperity bonus
  • Manors give +5 renown / week to the village owner (even if not the player)
  • Schools give +1 relation / week to the player if his fief or if its his kingdom's village
  • Removed all training grounds
  • Marshall elections are held every 30 days (instead of 90)
  • Asking a hero to see their skills or equipment give you immediate access (no extra click "let me show you..." required)
  • Buying stuff from villages now improves village prosperity faster (+1 prosperity per 1000 denars, used to be per 3000 denars)
  • Villages produce more cattle on their own, so they should be easier to come by to fulfill quests
  • New Prisoner Management Dialogs (based on original code + concept by Leprechaun, expanded and enhanced by Mordachai)
  • Increased renown for successfully sieging a town (50), and a castle (25) (was 5 either way before)
  • Increased garrison rate to get a bonus troop of each type for every 100 population above minimum needed for that center. Hence, well populated towns and villages should garrison quite quickly. But the opposite is true if there are few folks there.
  • Added Lord Relations Report
  • Added Lord Battle Readiness Report
  • Added Lord Wealth Report
  • Added Fief Prosperity Report
  • Added Game Options Menu - under reports - allows you to control the verbosity of the messages from the various daily and weekly events in SoD
  • You now have a chance to ask for peace with even your nastiest enemies (though the price is insane). The price is dependent upon your personal relation with the lord you're talking to, as well as on your Honor and your Persuasion skill.
  • Towns and Castles replenish their food stockpiles much more slowly than they used to (1/12th as quickly).
  • Various dialogs directly lead to the action intended, instead of hav
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 Sword of Damocles - Invasion 4.1 Fi (v 4.1 Final #2)  » posted by joshuameeks on Jul 02, 2011, 02:10:54 pm
oh and the other sword and damonicals mods do the same thing
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 Re: Sword of Damocles - Invasion 4.1 Fi (v 4.1 Final #2)  » posted by Mordachai on Jul 05, 2011, 08:30:23 am
joshuameeks wrote:
u hate this mod evry 5 seconds to 5 minutes it crashes and when i go into the mercenary guilds place it crashes to i love the grafics and stuff but i hate it crashing
I'm sorry you're having such trouble, but it is unlikely to be this mod. I can't say what the quality is of other mods (though some are quite excellent), but i can definitely say that this version of SOD for the original M&B is very unlikely to crash. I'm a programmer by day, and the whole reason I helped mod SOD was to create a version of it that didn't crash, and wasn't buggy.

No software is perfect, and even less so mods that extend or push the limits of the original game's code, but SOD 4.1 Final (2nd release) was very, very stable.

Since you're experiencing crashes with "all mods", I suggest that you look at your rig. Did you give permissions to all of the folders for standard users, or is Windows Vista/7 UAC getting in your way? Is there something unstable about your rig (OC CPU, RAM, or GPU too hard?). I can tell you that M&B had crash problems for me when I upgraded to a ATI 4870 based video card that they never resolved (but that is M&B's fault, not the mod). Sadly, M&B's base code itself was full of bugs, both at the engine level, and at the scripting level (again, the main reason I got into modding it: I wanted a bug-free experience playing M&B).
comment last edited by Mordachai on Jul 05, 2011, 08:33:14 am
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