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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2009, 11:56:22 pm
File version: 1.0
For M&B version: .960
Downloads: 1,639 Size: 27.85 MB
Views: 4,561 Type: RAR
Home:  Realm of freedom(自由王国) for v0.960
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The list of where the equipment model form:

2,Added a suit of steel armor and two armors,two helmets from band of warriors0.903
3,Added several weapons from offical web:
4,And kelavisof chinese station helped to build the model of "spar"

Main feature:

1,Completely new starting menu.
(1)According to the answers of a several questions to decide the player's beginning attribute and equipments.

(2)Different answers will effect every kindoms, NPCs and event(not completed).

2,Article merging system and attribute bonus.
(1),By talking to the armorer or weaponsmith in any town, you can pay them to change the prefix of a equipment. the better prefix, the more cost.

(2)You can get some "crystal" randomly in battle. it can be used to merge with equipment to get special prefix.

(3)Only non-prefix equipment can be merged with crystal.

(4)Equiping a equipment which has a special prefix grants you attribute or skill bonus, the more you equip, the more bonus you will get. And this works the same for NPC, so you can enhance your NPC with those awesome equipments^^.

(5)Equip or unequip the equipment which has special prefix will not cause in losing attribute or skill points.

(6)In battle, you will randomly get some equipments that can not be found in store.

3,Build your own empire.
#Attack and take towns without giving your oath to any faction. Your nation color is blue.
#If you take any domain but the King did not give it to you, you can rebel and keep the domain. Your nation color is blue.
#Rebel the monarch which is restored can also on independence.this will decrease your honour.the nation color is white.

(2)Prerequisite for recruiting the captured lords:
#Have a domain.
#The friendship degree with object lord is no less than -20,and your credit is higher.
#When you defeat a lord's force and capture him, you can try to recruit him in the dialog screen, the chance of success is decided by player's Persuasion skill, charisma and the relationship with the lord. You have only one chance every time you defeat him.
#Lords with different personality will have different talking style.

#Can change banner when in your castle/towns.

#You have right to distribute the new captured town/castle to your vassal.
#Can recruit new armies in your towns/castles(base on which kingdom the town/castle original belong),you can recruit once per 5 days. The number of recruits is based on player's charisma, renown and the town's prosperity. Every time recruiting will cause the town's prosperity to decrease.
#You can not recruit when the prosperity of town/castle is too low.
#The new recruits will automaticly upgrade, based on the all NPC and player's Trainer skill. and the daily training also available for the soldiers in town/castle. Your soldiers will upgrade automaticly, the ugrade trees is randomly selected when soldiers upgrade.
#Can release the prisoner held in town/castles to be slaves, this could increase the prosperity of the town/castle.

4,Enhance and tweak
(1)Added the morale system of my another mod" PAOCAI for v0.903"(thanks to the EGII maker Chel's wonderful idea and generous share),and make some adjust.The main feature is:
#At the battle begin the base morale for both side is 100,and will be revised by the both side troop's power contrast. That is, if both side have lost the same number solders in battle, the side which have more men will have a higher morale.
#When the morale difference is more than 50 points, the side with lower morale may breakdown.
#When solders are perturbational and will rout,the NPCs are more firm.the more ebullient be,the more firm.the friendly army base on the friendship with player.

#When the enemy total broke down and their morale is lower than 1,their soldiers are less than our 1/2,they will ask for surrender. you could decide accept or not.
#In battlefield pressing T could check the morale point.

(2)Increased the chance of AI to siege towns which belong to player. The chance is higher when the player stays in a town.

(3)Corrected the BUG of 0 life fighting when defending a town/castle.

(5)When two parties are fighting each other, you can choose to join which side, but you can not attack your own faction's army.

(6)The nearby troops will join battle.

(7)Every Path finding point will increace 7% move speed.IT is base on rubik's idea.

(8)When the party morale is lower than 60 there will be a warning.

5,troops,equipments and others
(1)Upgraded the lord's stats, increased them's income, and gave them better equipments.

(2)The lord's and town's troops are mostly built up by middle and high level soldiers, this will bring more challenge.

(3)When the lord was defeated the chance of escape decrease to 70%(old is 80%)

(4)Every kingdom's troops upgrade tree increased 1~2 kind of troops,the ability of soldiers upgraded.

(5)All troops' wage are increased by 30%.

(7)The sword sisters can be upgraded to guard sisters.

(8)Corrected the problem that the only the last battle counts in looting.

(9)The black khergit horseman is back, this need player level over 10.

(10)Added 4 kinds of darkness knight parties, this is based on player level.

(11)black and darkness troops will never be captured by player.

And at last,thanks LOSTKnight (迷路的骑士) for helping translate this mod from chinese to english. And special thanks to the all-mighty Max.Pain , who helped us on proofreading
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 Re: Realm of freedom for M&B 0.960  » posted by jldmon on Apr 13, 2009, 07:07:03 am
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 Re: Realm of freedom for M&B 0.960  » posted by Bourque25 on Jun 25, 2009, 10:48:54 am
This mod sounds good, but most of us can't use it because it is for te old version. Could you update it to the 1.011 so the rest of us could try it.

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