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View this file on the M&B NexusFile Listing: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno version(1.004)
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2010, 10:38:41 pm
First Created: Feb 20, 2009, 05:10:13 pm
File version: Final(1.004)
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 52,458 (110,074) Size: 61.17 MB
Views: 100,857 (172,500) Type: ZIP
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Rating (15 votes): 4.7 / 5.0
This is a final version for this mod.

<change log 1.004 2010-Mar-13>
- Customized banner doesn't work on "Heraldic mail with Tabard"
- During tournament in Halmar always fall one segment of wall and it open arena to town and field.

If you already downloaded version 1.003, This is a patch file.

Youtube Featurs video version0.75
Youtube Featurs video version0.74
Youtube Featurs video version0.73

1.You can burn structures, belfry, ladder, by fire arrow and torch.
2.Minimap - You can fight with looking enemy location on minimap.
3.Village raid system were changed : Raiders kill villagers.
4.New map icon : New wheat farm and dairy farm icon show you these production.
5.You can make party companion leaded.
6.Right clicked context menu were extended : You can order to companion's party, attack, follow me, patrol here, retreat in town, join ally.
7.Custom banner : You can make new banner by combine background pattern, color, charge, and flag type. Shield and Heraldic Mail with Surcoat show your custom banner.
8.Your soldiers can upgrade by use outfit in your inventory.
9.New party window.
10.More_Metal_Sound_1_9 by Checkmaty
11.Auto travel and auto trade and auto loot.
12.Sea battle
13.Custom quick battle

Oh, There are too many features and cannot write it more than this, Please Check out the web site for details.
Mount&Blade forum:,57911.0.html

File History
If you want to know more change log, See the forum.
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Comments (Page 1 of 2)
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by evghin on Feb 21, 2009, 11:20:34 pm
sounds good...
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by Flippy Gester on Mar 03, 2009, 07:40:18 pm
hey nice mod. but when i start mount and blade its not there. is the main anme different in the menu? if so what would it be cause i got a whole ton of mods. so i wont know.

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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by DevilCrow on Mar 04, 2009, 05:52:29 am
Well good mod.

Ask u something,where did u put making Banner?
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by Xolotl on Mar 06, 2009, 01:37:26 pm
very good mod but when any marshall startes a campain they never ever attack in fact nobody takes states from other factions you have to conquer everything. could you reair it? jeje please :hammer: and if you can make a female tree troop for each factions tha would be great thaks keep on the good job
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 i found some bugs  » posted by big_budy on Mar 08, 2009, 06:13:20 am
hey the mod rulez but.. if you try to give a party member your flag you can't get back tho the menu at any way. + if you burn a gate and try to make troops follow you thru it the get stuck and walk around :-( please fix these bugs
ow and if you are on a ship you can't get tho dry land .
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by Satan on Mar 17, 2009, 02:59:09 pm
This mod is one of best when you update it ? MAKE SOME LIKE >>>>>>>> BANDIT KING >>>> this mod[Bandit King] have a very rich REPUTATION for v 1.011 Thx
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by Vladislav on Apr 04, 2009, 02:31:17 pm
Hey i got problem. The mod dosn't show in the module thing in the menu? can any1 plz help me! :-( :-? :-(
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by Gen.Chill on May 05, 2009, 07:50:32 pm
Well u can try this put it in the Modules folder
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by slaget1 on Jul 19, 2009, 08:08:16 am
When AL or I raid a village my game crash what can be the problem :?: . A great mod one of the best that i have played so keep up the good work :hammer: :hammer:
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by BlackParchment on Jul 21, 2009, 12:03:39 am
This is the best mod I've played. The custom troops really made the game worth playing for replay value.

I've made armys the way I want them not how taleworlds wants them : )
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by wuqiu on Jul 23, 2009, 01:54:25 pm
Downloaded this very nice mod i especially liked the custom banner creation :-D
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno  » posted by badshooter77 on Aug 01, 2009, 10:01:52 am
Hey i got problem The mod dosn't show in the module thing in the menu :?: can any1 help me :!:
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno (v 0.74) (review)  » posted by Ulfgar on Oct 07, 2009, 12:06:30 pm
So....once again I give an "Ulfgar" review

I spent more time on this mod than I did on any other mod.

A total of 123 hours, to take over all of Caldaria.

Add a few touches, and remove a few error's and this is how Native should be played!

The first thing I would like to touch on is the "cheat option". This is not a newb mod. You are given the choice to cheat or not cheat. That is a big bonus for me.

The cheat option ROX!!! This is more of a conquest mod however (not a pretty mod, ill get into later why). Every game no matter what the game creator's intended, the game play will always directed based upon the design and mechanics of tthe game. For example, (in vanilla) the gameplay is designed where the player maxes out his/her leadership and Charisma to get a heads up on as many units as he can. He also wants to max out his "surgery" skill so he constantly does not have to buy more troops. Regardless of the game makers intention, as the player becomes experienced this is the ONLY way to really succeed. You cannot solo 500 troops, sure you can "physically" do it, but it will take all day, and yopu will eventually get tired of it. I can't imagine anyone being THAT sanguine to enjoy sluaghter to such a monotonous level. So it's necessary that you establish balanced armies, that meet and exceed the enemies force, so when you do have to fight 500 people, it goes quickly and seemlessly. You WILL eventually get tired of the old "clickedy clickedy".

This mod, changes the game dramatically from the way it is "supposed" or "intended" to be played. The concept of M&B is that you are a Vassal or rebel, and you are not in charge of Kingdom size forces, micro managing every detail. This mod alters that concept entirely, and to play it logcially I recommend cheating. As it in now way takes away from the actualy game play.

Cheat options that dramatically change game play are.....
Cheat: auto recruit the highest tier of troops. Absolutely, necessary, besides what kind of King goes to each village himself and recruits troops? You can set your other party leaders to do it, but it's a pain and complicated and takes an even greater skill at micro-managing.

Cheat: Seige castle. Absultely important as well as logical. If the concept is to become a king, why piss of two factions instead of one?

Cheat: Construct Siege equipment. Not entirely necessary, but I would rather not wait forever since I have to worry about all my other units running out of food which they will, and with a quickness.

Cheat: Increase/Decrease attitude (or whatever it's called, I can't think right now), absolutely necessary in this type of mod. What sort of king, goes about doing all the little wishes and whims of some weak vassal, or worse village elder.

Cheat: Set banner, totally logical and necessary. Every vassal of a king has his or her own banner, there is no reason why your kingdom should be different.

Cheat: start the game with cheats. If your plan is to be a king, regardless of cheating you have a long road ahead, might as well get a jump before you dive in headlong. Cheating will not cheasify this mod at all. You should assume that a King, has some sort of financial backing to get started, otherwise it's highly unlikely he will see his kingdom in his lifetime (especially if he is starting from scratch).

This isn't all, just a few highlights.

Coolness points....

Modifying/ Mkaing your own banner. While I could like to see some greater flexibility in how the markers (or whatever they are called) are set. It's not a big issue, the level of individualization is wickedly cool here. The frustration comes from attempting to have your parties tote around your banner. That is annyoing but once again they should have thier own banners.

Tech Issues: If you change your banner mid game, any armor you have used will reflect the old banner. If you are as picky as I am, thats a "reroll" issue.

Setting Banners for your Vassals: This can only be done if they are close to you and it will not show "correctly" on the party selection screen. Not a super big issue, just a heads up.

Adjusting banners for your vassals in game will cause graphic glitches in the main travel map of many if not all the other lords and cities including your own, you can usually fix this by resetting your banner, but I found it doesn't always resolve the issue.

Renaming Parties, and towns. Please note I did not say "villages". As far as I am aware there is no way in this mod to alter that. This is way cool. I love having my own names for towns and parties. I REALLY wise I could rename my vassals, but I have no clue about the coding issues needed to fix that. Also DO NOT rename, the "temp group" I had serious issues when I did that.

Adjusting inventories, and equipment. A MAJOR selling point in this mod, but remember to remove and junk you don't want a refular unit to use out of the inventory, as they will not always use what you give them and will randomly select out of thier inventory what to use. Also, it's generally a bad idea to keep important things stored in any NPC's or unit's inventory as there is a game glitch and things tend to get lost permanently (as did my masterword /b/tard sword). This is a great tool for getting the best out of your unit, since another glitch is that units do not have to meet any requirements to wear or ride any type of anything, you can make some wicked nasty farmers if you like, that ride Heavy Chargers, wear full plate, and carry lances. This is a little game breaking, and adds a slight bit of cheese, but it didn't affect my game play mutch. Also, another cool feature about this, is that if you have a group of them you only need to set one persons inventory for them all. That's cool, and cheap!

Flaming arrows. The "selling piont" for this mod. It's way cool, don't get me wrong, but probably one of the least important to the gameplay of this mod. SInce as a king you spend SO much time micro managing, your are likely to autocalc battles more often that not, through you are not likely to do it on sieges. Which sieges are the place to really get this going hot. Generally speaking I tell my archers to hold thier fire until they are established somewhere inside the castle walls. They have a finite amount of arrows, anf flaming arrows, torches, etc, will not kill THAT many outside the walls. The strategic tactical advantage is, that the enemy must climb up stairs to get to you or likely cluster and group up to form mobds to kill your guys. Which means you are at a tactical disadvantage coming into any fight, because your guys will cluster long before they will, and there archers will be raining down "hell fire and brimstone" long before your archers will be dishing out the punishment back. Which means you will suffer heavy castualties on a seige nearly always. Nonetheless there are some easy fighter enders, because you are smarter than a computer. Launch about 20 arrows, into the crowd, they won't really ignite and it's not a big deal, yea you will kill a few, and would a few others, its not important, it's only important they are there. Then shoot a wall next to a mob of guys (may take two or three arrows) that you have pumped full of arrows, and you will start a MASSIVE inferno, that will light them up like a christmass tree. This is a good way, to kill hoardes of troops very quickly. Your likely to kill a few of your own troops, but if you infantry is holding position they should mostly stay clear of the inferno. If you start reading red and yellow messages like, "Swadian King killed by Swadian night" order your infantry or archers to either charge, fall back or advance forward to prevent HIGH casualties. Fire arrows, like most things in this mod changes game play greatly, (for seiges at least).
Coolness note: When there is allot of fire, the combantants hack and cough in a VERY reaslitic manner. Nice trick modder!

This mod plays in a strategic style, which means, this is not really a combat mod. Oh sure you can do it, and you might a time or two for fun, but in reality it plays (my favorite way) in the strategic MTW (Medieval Total War) concept. You will find your self spedning most of your time, managing, micro- managing, designing, and setting up your game (which is typically the way I like it). The mod offers you an incredible amount of freedom in game play to do just exactly what you want, but most players are going to spend thier M&B lives on this mod, playing it Civ style.

Now that I have gone in-depth on that aspect let me touch on the problems with this mod.

Ist Issue: This is not a "Shiney" mod. And thats not a big deal really since the mechanics of the game play generally lead people to dwell on tactics and strategy and kingdom management this is not a big issue. While there are some great AND I DO MEAN great, modifications, like the Kindgom colors added to nearly all outfits (which is totally rock awesome!!) there are very few cool textures in the game. I have no qualms with this whatsoever, issue that has really bummed, is that if you are going to be a king (which the game machanics leads you towords) and have this awsome armor and empire, you should able to distinguish yourself from the common lacky's. This is not a game-breaking issue with me, but I feel like I should be able to stand out more clearly. Which there is "The Royal Armor" set which isn't too bad, and is certainly "stand outish" (in all honesy, it's way out of period, not that I care that much, but it looks ALLOT like the Star Wars Dark Trooper armor) and thats ok, but there is no helm that identify's you as a king. After 120x hours of game play, I was unable to find that helm that has a crown on it. Something kingish would go perfectly with this mod, and this specific mod, lacks slightly in grandeur because of it.

The textures are nice however on this game, not extraordinary, and that's not a big issue, but I especially like the female armor that goes nicely with my "Sword Sister" Valkyrie Army, headed by Matheld of course. Personally I like to put in also on Lezalit guy, because he always seemed like a fa...I probably shouldn't say that...ok moving on.

Error's: The nice thing about this mod, is that no error truly screws up the game, it only adds minor annoyances in gameplay. For experienced programmers, error's in anything is like spelling errors for a professional writer. In this case, it's not a big deal, the author of the mod did the best he could, and did a great job of it. For a single person to make a mod, he is the cream of the crop I think. However let's review the errors.

If you sign on a vassal you have captured (which is wicked cool you can do that) and ask him about nearly anything really, you will get missing string. As well once you sign on a vassal once you check out your character on the quest section, you will get a whole string of red errors pop up. Not a big issue they don't screw up a game, but they do get annyoing after a while.

Other than that, and some error's the author clearly mentions before you try and play with them, the mod is well set up.

Lastly I want to review some things I think would really get this thing rocking...

1st: MOAR Kingly Attire (especially headgear)
2nd: Battle formations (not super important since you will auto calc most battles)
3rd: Some new dialogue would be cool, but for most players like me, I have read what lezifaery is going to say a thousand times, and I won't really care or notice a different version.
4th: Better Kingdom management, yes Kingdom Managemtn is already great, awesome really, but if we are shooting for a Tac-mod, I think it would be cool to add in some more advanced town/ city management and upgrade option, it will add more depth to the game.
5th: Why won't my hereo's seige castles, not a huge deal, but it would be nice if they could. I realize the results may be catastrophic, but I think it would be neat. Unlessing I am missing something I do not believe they can.
6th: This is a HUGE request, but some more advanced tasks would be cool as well, for example, do this, then do this, then do this. I get annoyed when my vassal completes a task and then traverses the map to come and find me.
7th: And this is really trivial, but error correction would be nice. I realize it may be beyong the capability of the modder to fix these errors, and I have absolutely NO WAY to fix them myself, it would be cool if they can be fixed. If they are never fixed, I will likely never care unless I get a BSOD from one.

All in all, it's the best mod I have ever played for my playing style, I absolutely love it. I will play it and replay it over and over again. The minor annoyances do not in anyway out way the MAJOR advantages of this mod. I have officially replaced my native with this mod.

Well done.
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by kosmin_82 on Nov 11, 2009, 03:37:04 am
The sea battles are awesome !!! :-D :-D :-D

However, there are some problems:
:-x I don't understand why have you changed the menu. For example, there's no "remove your banner" command anymore;
>:( "archers extinguish flames" doesn't work, the flames stay;
:-? the new way to strike with your sword appears quite gay, frankly;
And possible more...

Overall, a great mod, but still needs working to be done.
There is a saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Stop changing what works...
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by sethyboy0 on Nov 11, 2009, 05:42:28 pm
Wow, this mod is really good lol.

One problem I have though is that you say you can set stuff on fire, but nothing burns.

I can throw 19849 torches at a ladder, but it only takes about 2 damage from each torch (if I'm lucky), and never burns.

Edit: I was sieging a castle, and when the next wave of enemy troops spawned, it crashed.
comment last edited by sethyboy0 on Nov 11, 2009, 06:11:27 pm
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by Larmantine on Nov 14, 2009, 06:59:48 am
well this mod would be perfect, and one of the best modules that i have played if u would had better english. i mean, the dialogs are terrible, and i can't understand a thing. but this mod is great, it would be better if u find someone who has good english and make this mod more understandable. :!:
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by Jenova on Nov 19, 2009, 03:54:54 pm
great mod its the only one i play now 1 prob tho i am playing alone i cannot recruit i have been to numerous villages but the dialog does not appear nor with the elder i can handle foot soldiers but not 30 cav any ideas ?
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 Re: Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by Jenova on Nov 19, 2009, 04:23:06 pm
Jenova wrote:
great mod its the only one i play now 1 prob tho i am playing alone i cannot recruit i have been to numerous villages but the dialog does not appear nor with the elder i can handle foot soldiers but not 30 cav any ideas ?

ok got it now took a while for them to turn up...........whats with the poses ? huskarl hooker :shock:
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by Jenova on Nov 21, 2009, 11:48:35 am
okay i have 3 things
1.where do i customize my banner ?
2.why do i get the choice to change my banner after each battle ?
3.whats the deal with the custom troops ? are they actually FULLY customizable ?

great mod no real issues or bugs just need to correct some of the dialog
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 Fire Arrow - Turn into an Inferno v (v 0.75)  » posted by romeir on Nov 25, 2009, 10:21:19 pm
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