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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2010, 12:48:19 pm
First Created: Jan 04, 2009, 05:29:03 pm
File version: 2.2
For M&B version: Multiple
Downloads: 42,132 (85,338) Size: 8.52 MB
Views: 56,431 (100,487) Type: ZIP
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Rating (11 votes): 4.9 / 5.0

It really annoyed me how going into battle with a party of heavily armored knights or a party of unarmored club wielders would both sound the same...a blunt slugfest.
So after a lot of hitting and scraping objects together, this is what I came up with.

This mod doesn't aim to revamp the vanilla sounds, but to add more "metal" to the audio of the battles. A battle between two parties of heavily armored soldiers should actually sound like armored soldiers hacking and slashing away at eachother instead of unarmored men hitting eachother with blunt weapons.

What is changed:
-Weapon impacts
-Shield impacts
-Projectile impacts and misses
-Ranged weapon fire
-Weapon draw and put away sounds
-Footstep/hoof sounds for human and horses
-Body falls
-Dummy sounds for the training ground
-New death and grunt voices
-Some interface sound improvements
-Included additional voices from the "Official Vocals Sound Pack" by rejenorst
-Various other improvements and volume tweaks

A "Extra" folder has been included which contains a "sounds.txt" without the new voices and a "" for modders.

Thanks to rejenorst for allowing me to use his voices
Install instructions in readme

File History
-New jump sounds for horse and foot
-New draw and put away weapon sounds
-New body falls
-New string pulls for the bow and crossbow
-Improved fire sounds for the bow and thrown weapons
-Improved wooden shield impacts
-Improved projectile flesh impacts
-Various other improvements and volume tweaks

Mon, Jan-12-2009

-Added in some voices from the "Official Vocals Sound Pack" by rejenorst
-Improved metal shield impacts
-Improved high damage metal impacts
-Re-did the sword clashes
-Various other improvements and volume tweaks

Sun, Jan-18-2009

-New horse charge sounds
-New shield break sound
-Some improvements to interface sounds
-Various other improvements and volume tweaks

Mon, Feb-02-2009

-Some improvements to weapon impacts
-Volume tweaks

Mon, Feb-23-2009

-Improved weapon impacts
-Improved shield impacts
-Improved weapon clashes
-New dummy sounds for the training ground
-Many other various changes and improvements

Fri, Mar-06-2009

-Changed high armor weapon impacts back to the more metallic feeling of earlier versions
-Fixed some unbalanced volume levels introduced in the 1.5 update
-Other various changes and improvements

Fri, Apr-10-2009

-Reduced the blood/gore for high armor blunt impacts
-Improved blunt impacts on the wooden shield
-Improved horse hoofsteps
-Quieter weapon draw sounds
-Removed some unused sounds
-Other various changes and improvements

Sat, Jun-13-2009

-Changes to weapon impacts
-Improved blunt impacts on the wooden shield
-New water jump and splash sounds for horses
-New level up sound
-Other various changes and improvements

Sun, Jun-14-2009

-Increased weapon impact volume by a small amount
-Tweaked level up and a few other sounds
-removed 1.21 Prophesy of Pendor compatibility file (2.0 has been released with the sounds already implemented)

Sun, Jul-12-2009

-Replaced some weapon impacts with older sounds + a few new ones
-Various other changes and volume tweaks

Fri, Dec-04-2009

-Basically reverted back to 1.7 but kept some new sounds from 1.8/1.9 that I liked (splash sounds for horses and a few others)

Fri, Dec-24-2009

-Some changes to weapon impact sounds
-New metal on metal shield impacts
-Various other tweaks and changes

Wed, Apr-14-2010

-Ported over to Warband
-Few tweaks to melee hit sounds

Thur, Apr-29-2010

-Increased volume for hoofbeats in Warband version
-New grunt voices when stunned
-Changes to weapon clash sounds
-Changes to metal shield blunt impact sounds

Sat, Jun-19-2010

-Re-compiled the mod with the 1.125 module system - hopefully this fixes problems people have been having with the new patches
-Fixed problem with new grunt voice not playing when stunned
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 Re: More Metal Sound Mod V2.0 (1.010/1. (v 2.0)  » posted by murphy717 on Mar 08, 2022, 01:10:30 pm
Brubar wrote:
seriously awesome mod, nice work and thanks!!

But there is an annoying glitch for the Warband verison: when you travel through the "world map" instead of having hoof sounds, there are some "battlecry" sounds...yes yes that's really it!!! When you move, you hear "wwwweuraraaaaaaggh aaaaaaarrrrggggghhh cling cling kacling"

can't wait this one to be fixed!!


FIXED! Annoying horse travel sound in world map.
Annoying Battlecry sound effect in world map while travelling. (Resume Travelling)

Native or Diplomacy Version 1.153 to 1.171
Error Message from Module System Sound
Allocating identifiers... FAILED.
undeclared identifiers found in module source:
New Added Code: (Sound.txt) Notepad
woman_yell_1.ogg 2432
woman_yell_2.ogg 2432
man_stun_1.ogg 2096
snd_woman_die 160 2 422 0 423 0
snd_woman_yell 2432 2 424 0 425 0
snd_man_breath_hard 2096 15 613 0 614 0 615 0 616 0 617 0 618 0 619 0 620 0 621 0 622 0 623 0 624 0 625 0 626 0 627 0
snd_man_stun 2096 1 628 0
Credit to
Checkmaty for the sound files and Module Sys sample.
Brubar and PsychoK47 for the topic.

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