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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2008, 01:50:32 am
File version: V.1
For M&B version: 1.010/1.011
Downloads: 4,862 Size: 15.12 MB
Views: 8,206 Type: RAR
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THE PAGAN WAY - A Barbarian Clans Mod V.1

This mod was created by me (Pagan) for me, It is part yearning to learn how to mod, at least in its simplest form to begin with, and in such process create a mod i have wanted to do for some time now. I have released it on the chance that others may enjoy it too.

This mod changes all factions to Barbarian CLans.

Lion Clan - Bear Clan - Boar Clan - Wolf CLan - Elk Clan - Raven Clan - Serpent Clan - Clanless Men - Cannibals - Exiles


Due to lack of module skills, i made a work around for each faction having only one banner. Choose your banner ONLY from the last line of second last page and all on the last banner page!!! There you will find a selectable banner from all game factions, including Raven and Serpent. If you wish to use lion clan banner, the second last banner on first page will not effect existing lion clan lords banners. Not a perfect system i know, but it works.

SHould you wish to make an independant kingdom of Raven or serpent clan, know that some clanless men found in taverns can be upgraded to these factions.


- A big thankyou to Mirathei for his shield bash script,
- MageLord for his many text tweaks
- creme whose native improved has become the Native clean slate to which i began this mod over. some of his changes are without doubt still there. - D'sparil, Thorgrim, Jubal and HokieBT for their tools and tutorials.

Thank you and enjoy. I KNOW I WILL!

P.S, If there are any modders who happen to like what i'm doing feel free to join in, i would be more then happy with a team mate to take the concept to new and higher ground. Cheers.

  • Mod features:
  • No Armor higher then fur or leather (not even at merchants)
  • All factions look different (one armour type each, but will add more later)
  • Barbarian Face paint
  • No Horses
  • All units above recruit (pups,cubs,shoats,ext) named warrior, and armed with random equipment, so you won't know what level or skill the enemy you face is. (on the battle field at least)
  • All units are infantry, but due to the large random item pool, many are armed with both ranged and hand to hand.
  • added Mirathei's Shield bash
  • Companion leaving disabled
  • Ability to lead larger number of men
  • Morale adjusted to avoid problems with larger force
  • Duel with any lord or claiment without quest. Just choose "i have something to ask" you'll know which is the duel speech.
  • Choose your own kindom name (before becoming a rebel, change your characters name to the clan or kingdom you wish to be called, when you have become a rebel and been given that name, simply change it back)
  • Banners have been "edited" for that barbarian feel ;)

    Features i plan to add in (hopefully near)future.
  • More barbarian themed armors, to help with veriaty.
  • A more destinct fighting style to each clan (feel free to make suggestions here)
  • More mod correct arena outfits
  • Change much of the text/dialogue to fit the mod better
  • Replace all stone castles with wooden forts
  • will try to add Wickedshot's Custom Settlements when v.1 is released.
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by dark apostle on Dec 28, 2008, 01:59:22 am
i wold love but .rar files have bin giving me hell latelys is there any chance at all you could port it to difrent format.....
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by ThePagan on Dec 28, 2008, 02:50:23 am
yeah i can do that, what format do you need. Zip or something else? if you follow the link in the top right corner to The Pagan Way M&B forum Thread, i will post a rapidshare link to a zip file.
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by darksigil on Dec 29, 2008, 11:58:10 am
i would reccomend that you put in some more heads in the game, or atleast work on them a bit more, truth hurts :P

And, if this is only temporarily in the game, more variation in the naming of soldiers in the game :P

iv also seen a mod where there are barbrawls, dont remember witch mod or if it is a copyrighted mod, that would fit in really good with the barbarian feeling.

I would really like to help but i dont know shit about modding >.<
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by ThePagan on Dec 29, 2008, 12:20:14 pm
considering they are barbarians, they would not have intricate finely detailed "cooool" face paint, done by a professional tattooist. they do it with there fingers, and on themselves,(so no mirror) if anything, i think i did it too fansy. But yes i do plan to add more variation, but i am still learning so this is only an initial release.

the naming of soldiers from pup and warrior was on purpose. originally i was only going to have pups, and then one upgrade to warrior and that was it. then i decided to let the warriors upgrade, but not change their name, so you wont know what level warrior you are facing on the battlefield. As is stated above in features.

ill look into that barbrawls mod, i haven't heard of it, but sounds interesting. cheers
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by Lady on Dec 29, 2008, 11:06:27 pm
OK but isn't there some way to make names of player-owned units visible for player? It's strange to do not know description of MY units. Plus unpleasant chaos when upgrading.
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by ThePagan on Dec 30, 2008, 10:53:54 am
i'm not sure i understand, all the clans look different... so you are using units from all different clans? ok, in the options menu there is a way to enable names above units heads, but this doesnt look very good when fighting. interesting point though, i'll see what i can do to allow the player to have a completely different looking army should you choose to make your own kingdom. Thanks.
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 Re: The Pagan Way - A Barbarian Clans Mod  » posted by DevilCrow on Jan 10, 2009, 06:35:50 am
Invision from outside - ROME or VIKING or something is look not Pagan hmm that will nice to play after add this and sattelment Coustume.

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