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Transfer to Nexus  » announcement posted by Janus on Jan 02, 2014
To better provide stable, fast downloads, and to provide better features overall, we have transferred all of our existing files over to a new M&B Nexus site (also Warband Nexus site and WF&S Nexus site). You're probably familiar with them for the Skyrim Nexus, Fallout Nexus, and so forth.

The Repository site will remain up for the foreseeable future with existing downloads still available, but everything new will be going on over at the Nexus sites.

New file uploads are now locked here at the Repository. Existing file listings will remain editable and can have new file versions uploaded.

New Items/People

These mods add in entirely new items and people.
  Title / Description File version For M&B
Upload Date,

New items

New troop tree

Have fun

Edit : I corrected the texture bug
1.011 N/A Nov 19, 2008

Hot fix for BTN beta which fixed the bug when you have processed flex fiber into linen.

Replace the old mod's conversation.txt and dialog_state.txt with the new ones.
Unspecified 1.010/1.011 Nov 13, 2008
Giga Zombies

Better Than None
For Mount&Blade 1.010+

-Add 22 new weapons.
-Add 27 new armours.
-Add 2 new horses.
-Add 9 new tradable/consumable items.
-Add 1 new tradable item.
-Add 5 new skins: 3 for men and 2 ... [read more]
beta 1.010/1.011 Nov 12, 2008
Giga Zombies

Heres the OSP Helmets pack,

This took longer than expected to release due to me waiting for permission from those whose helmets I've used, overall there is about 100 helmets. I ... [read more]
0.2 N/A Nov 07, 2008

Open Source Project - Weapons


Our fellow maw (The creator of maw's murder mod) had the idea to release Open Source Project packs containing items from different sources combined in one ... [read more]
Unspecified N/A Oct 25, 2008

The year is 1304, and much has changed in Calradia.

A mod that adds 23 new mercenaries, and 55 other troops divided between the 5 factions and the bandits.

This mod is ... [read more]
v.1.004 .960 Oct 24, 2008

This is an edited item_kinds1.txt file that adds all of the Khergit and Steppe style armours to the inventories of armour merchants. This means that if you want to play ... [read more]
2.01 1.003 Oct 11, 2008

This is a pack of models used to replace the flying_missile mesh with things that look like arrows. They're simply the native arrows elongated, lowered in poly.

To install, put missiles.brf ... [read more]
Unspecified N/A Oct 07, 2008

160+ horses made from graphics off the internet, plus contributors the inimatatable Chel (horse2.0), ARGENT USHER, (awesome talent from medieval total war center),and DaBiggMan (RIP) and others. project is ... [read more]
v0922 1.003 Sep 22, 2008

A mod that adds many new troops, and brings some old forgotten equipment back to Calradia.

Credits to:
Kievan Mereel

RST by MAXHARDMAN required to run this mod! without it it will ... [read more]
0.75 .960 Sep 18, 2008
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