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Transfer to Nexus  » announcement posted by Janus on Jan 02, 2014
To better provide stable, fast downloads, and to provide better features overall, we have transferred all of our existing files over to a new M&B Nexus site (also Warband Nexus site and WF&S Nexus site). You're probably familiar with them for the Skyrim Nexus, Fallout Nexus, and so forth.

The Repository site will remain up for the foreseeable future with existing downloads still available, but everything new will be going on over at the Nexus sites.

New file uploads are now locked here at the Repository. Existing file listings will remain editable and can have new file versions uploaded.

Gameplay Mechanics

Mods which change the way the game plays (statistics of people and items, etc.).
  Title / Description File version For M&B
Upload Date,

This mod is compilation of features from:
No Name Yet mod by Geoffrey Ashe
Age of Machinery by Highlander (kingdom management only, no machines)
Autoloot by fisheye

Extended version with more features here:

  • [Kingdom ...
beta 1.010/1.011 Dec 05, 2008

What is this?

Not much yet, it adds a few gameplay features but perhaps it becomes something big.

  • Talk to the Village Elder/Guild Master with the game menu.
  • Create your own party, ...
RC1 1.010/1.011 Nov 23, 2008

The Ludibria mod i made for them who most like to play the Swadians. I tryed the keep the coulor of the Soldiers in red but not to mutch that ... [read more]
1.0 1.003 Oct 27, 2008

List of gameplay changes:
- Cattle will follow the Player with Lord AI (When "Drive the cattle forward" is selected)
- Cattle will move at mounted speed
- PC Party size limit changes: ... [read more]
Unspecified 1.003 Oct 08, 2008

A mod that lets you sail from port at M&B native, you don't have to cheat to enable it.
(You should keep a copy of original menus.txt as it's not tested ... [read more]
1.00 1.003 Oct 04, 2008

A test for some combat changes I've made. I've playtested them myself but I'm sure other people will have something to say about (feedback is important).

Do not play without reading ... [read more]
1.21 .960 Sep 08, 2008

This adds Mirathie's formations scropts into native for those of you who can't do it for you'reselves.
See Mirathies thread in the forge for more information on it.
v.1 .960 Jul 19, 2008

This is something I knocked up while bored.
It features mirathies formations mod, a whole new troop line for Rhodok infantry some new mercenaries and a few tiny winy extras extras.
0.49 .960 Jul 14, 2008

This is the Zombie Soldier Mod.

The thread with all the details is here:,38569.0.html

  • Mindless Flesh Eating Minions
  • Zombie Troop Tree
  • ect.

File History
More zombie troop tree
Everybody Hates Undeads
Zombie Hunter's tree started

Tue, Jun-10-2008

V0.2 ... [read more]
0.2 Hotfix .903 Jun 10, 2008

This mod will make weapons a lot more powerful making units die in one shot for a low tier units and two shots for heavy armoured units like knights hired ... [read more]
0.1 .951 May 12, 2008
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