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Transfer to Nexus  » announcement posted by Janus on Jan 02, 2014
To better provide stable, fast downloads, and to provide better features overall, we have transferred all of our existing files over to a new M&B Nexus site (also Warband Nexus site and WF&S Nexus site). You're probably familiar with them for the Skyrim Nexus, Fallout Nexus, and so forth.

The Repository site will remain up for the foreseeable future with existing downloads still available, but everything new will be going on over at the Nexus sites.

New file uploads are now locked here at the Repository. Existing file listings will remain editable and can have new file versions uploaded.

Mod Source Files

Scripts, models, textures, and other source files can be found here.
  Title / Description File version For M&B
Upload Date,

Old Finnish style houses created by Mackie on TW forums. I just converted them to .brf and made normal maps.

This is OSP model pack, not an actual mod so download ... [read more]
1.0 Warband 1.143 Feb 02, 2012

ModMerger-ready source code Kit for the full Pre-battle Orders and Pre-battle Deployment mod (with formations and now Pre-Battle Positioning), for pain-free addition to any mod's source.
Now with a real deployment ...
0.957 beta Warband 1.143 Feb 01, 2012

The ModMerger kit of Module System source code to add Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment to Diplomacy (as of Diplomacy version 4.2).
*Requires Warband Script Enhancer for PBOD versions 0.95 and later, ... [read more]
0.957-4.2+ Warband 1.143 Feb 01, 2012

Native Module System + Heraldic Horse using WSE. Including a presentation to adjust Heradic item's tableau code.
1.0 Warband 1.143 Jan 31, 2012

A small pack with a bunch of books (the same model re-textured numerous times). Pack includes all sources (Wings, OBJ and TGA texture) required to make your own textures.

1.0 Multiple Jan 30, 2012

This is just a simple file containing the Wilhelm Scream.

If you aren't familiar with the name, you are surely familiar with the sound...

Add this file to your Modules/{MOD}/Sound folder.

You will ... [read more]
Unspecified N/A Jan 27, 2012

A small library of retextured native icons for parties (both infantry and cavalry).

Amateurish work, but may be of use to some modders.

Can be used freely without restrictions.

Screenshots from ... [read more]
1.0 Multiple Jan 27, 2012

This is the 2012 module system for HOTD and it is still in progress, I will update this from time to time and do the same with the alpha and ... [read more]
In Progress 1.010/1.011 Jan 26, 2012

Companions Overseer v1.20

Companions Overseer is a completely new, thoroughly designed interface for management of your party inventory and equipment, as well as for monitoring the current attributes, skills and proficiencies ... [read more]
1.20 Warband 1.143 Jan 23, 2012

A very small mod which adds an extra item to lord parties context menu (available through right click). From there, player can open a dialog window for the lord, and ... [read more]
1.0 Warband 1.143 Jan 20, 2012
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